Al Roker Makes Shift Change Amid ‘Today Show’ Fight?

Al Roker [Today Show | YouTube]

Al Roker made a quick shift change. This comes amid his bitter fight on The Today Show. Find out where America’s weatherman ended up. Keep on reading for more details.

Involved in bitter Today Show feud

Al Roker turned on his co-anchors Craig Melvin and Savannah Guthrie. The trio argued about football. Most New Yorkers were upset with the colors of the Empire State Building after Sunday’s football game. It lit up in the colors of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Today Show cast argued about which colors it should light up. On Sunday night, four football games competed in the ACC Championship Game. The Philadelphia Eagles beat out the San Francisco 49ers while the Kansas City Chiefs won against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Craig Melvin [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
Al Roker talked about the Empire State Building lighting up in red and yellow and then green and white to celebrate both of the winning teams. He said the iconic structure was “dead to him” after it made the tribute. Most New Yorkers weren’t happy to see the changing colors and shared their voices on social media. However, their winning team isn’t heading to the Super Bowl.

Some were surprised to see New York celebrate Philadelphia. Philadelphia has beaten the New York Giants in every game they played this season. Al Roker ended up in a beef with his co-anchors after he shared his honest thoughts.

Al Roker [Al Roker | Instagram]
[Al Roker | Instagram]
“Fans were full of disbelief that the iconic New York landmark would do Giant fans like that, but I know Savannah was happy to see it,” Al Roker said.

Savannah Guthrie, Craig Melvin, and Hoda Kotb laughed from the big desk. Savannah joked that it was “too soon.” Some of them mentioned that they’re already taking bets on the Super Bowl. Al admitted that he doesn’t care who wins. The Today co-host then said: “In fact, Empire State Building, you’re dead to me!” He then admitted that he was “joking” and are “excited” for both of their fans.

Where is Al Roker headed?

Al Roker ended up on a competing talk show. He appeared on NBC Nightly News. He took to his Instagram page to announce that he’s reporting live from Studio 1 to film the news on Tuesday night (January 31). Al filmed himself on set via his Instagram Stories.

“I’m here at Studio 1a, we’re about to do NBC Nightly News. We got everybody hanging out, getting ready for Nightly News,” Al Roker said in his video. “Let’s get ready for @nbcnightlynews with @lesterholtnbc talking an icy mess and arctic air.”

He’s reporting the fatal ice storm in Texas and other parts of the south. What are your thoughts on Al Roker making a shift change amid his rift on the Today Show? Did you check him out on the evening news? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I honestly think Al is somewhat getting y just a little out of hand. He has gotten to the stage of grumpy old men you just don’t find funny any more. He needs to leave while the getting is good. He has picked on everyone.

  2. Al Is getting full of himself. I disliked his statement “Empire State Building, you’re dead to me”😡 just because the colors did not agree with him. Come on grumpy retire, you are starting to pick fights to often with your coworkers.

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