Tyler Cameron, Rachael Kirkconnell Finally Spill On Feud

Tyler Cameron and Rachael Kirkconnell of Bachelor fame are finally talking about their feud on his latest podcast. Tyler Cameron competed for Hannah Brown’s heart on The Bachelorette and showed off his bromance with The Bachelor lead Matt James on his season. Rachael won Matt’s heart and the two remain happily together.

Rumors of tension between Matt’s bestie and his lady started shortly after the season aired. Several news outlets and some interviews with Tyler led fans to believe they were fighting with one another. There were reports of tension between two very important people in Matt’s life. Now the couple joined Tyler to talk about their origin and if there’s any truth to them.

Who Started The Tension Rumors?

Tyler Cameron wasted no time questioning Rachael Kirkconnell about where the rumor started. According to Bachelor Nation, she said it was him. She said he did a lot of interviews calling her the “old ball and chain.” Then she thought about it and said actually it was Matt who started it all. Some fans thought Tyler had a problem with Rachael because of the controversy initially surrounding her. She had gone to an antebellum-themed party in college and pictures of the insensitive event were discovered while her season was airing. Rachael apologized for her ignorance and did the work to educate herself on being an ally.

Tyler Cameron, YouTube
Tyler Cameron, YouTube

Matt said he hadn’t been with a girl in years in a committed relationship and his girlfriend was basically Tyler. Rachael was his first serious relationship in a long time and he didn’t know how to navigate it.  He said he didn’t know he needed to spend more time with her. Matt said he was doing, “boyfriend-girlfriend things with TC still.” He added fuel to the fire when he told Andy Cohen on his show, Rachael and Tyler have a “love-hate relationship.

Rachael Kirkconnell Gave Tyler Some Tough Love

Rachael Kirkconnell isn’t afraid to give someone the hard facts about themselves. Tyler said their relationship became a little strained when she told him he was going out too much. He admitted he also liked partying a little too much.  Now he agrees Rachael was right and she was looking out for him. It’s led them to have a bond that puts them on better terms. Now they are both able to be there for Matt.

Rachael Kirkconnell, YouTube
Rachael Kirkconnell, YouTube

It seems all the rumors boiled down to perspective. The way Matt and Tyler spoke about his relationship with Rachael, the more fans thought there was a battle. What do you think about their explanation for the rivalry? Could there have been more going on? Read more about Tyler Cameron here. Plus, learn more and Matt and Rachael’s relationship here. Comment with your thoughts below.

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