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‘Bachelor’ Zach’s Contestant Brianna Talks Drama Nobody Saw

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Bachelor contestant Brianna Thorbourne is opening up about her time on the show so far. She was chosen by America to be given Zach Shallcross’ first impression rose when he was announced as the new lead. So, going into night one, Brianna was safe from elimination. Now that the premiere has aired, Brianna is sharing some more about what went down behind the scenes. Keep reading to find out more.

Bachelor contestant Brianna talks drama nobody saw

Brianna Thorbourne was safe during the premiere of The Bachelor. America had voted for her to receive the first impression rose which was given at the After the Final Rose special. She shared that while she was safe she still wanted an opportunity to get to talk to Zach. However, some of the other women there didn’t really feel that way and felt like Brianna shouldn’t try to have a conversation with the man of the hour. Bachelor Nation shared what Brianna had to say about that first night.

Brianna said that there were women who actually physically tried to block her from stealing Zach to have a conversation. She said, “Besides from an obvious person who went out of their way to put me down, most people were nice. There was the occasional snide comment with girls asking why I didn’t just wear sweatpants because I didn’t need to talk to him that night with having America’s First Impression Rose. I was trying to be cognizant that it would look bad if I pulled Zach more than once, but to the girls it would look bad if I tried to pull Zach at all that night.”

Brianna and Zach via YouTube

She went to say, “I finally got to talk to him around 4:30 a.m., and people were literally physically trying to get in the way of me going over there. I was standing outside waiting for his conversation to have a little lull and people were coming over saying I better not go in there to go and talk to him because I already had a rose.”

Brianna of The Bachelor via YouTube

Her other thoughts

While Brianna wasn’t exactly nervous going into the evening, she was nervous about how things would go. It was important for her to make friends with these women and she didn’t want a target on her back since she already had a rose.

Brianna also worried that perhaps Zach didn’t feel the way she did. After all, her first rose didn’t come from Zach. So, she is hoping to snag the first group date rose to give her some assurance that the connection and chemistry she felt with Zach is real.

What do you think about women blocking her as she tried to talk to Zach on night one?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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