‘The Bachelorette’ Season 19 Men Slam Tino While Partying

Tino Franco via YouTube

The Bachelorette Season 19 men created a bit of controversy over the weekend. Many were partying together in Nashville and things may have gotten a tad out of hand. Who knew that Tino maybe isn’t as liked as everyone assumed? Keep reading to find out more about the drama that went down over the weekend.

The Bachelorette Season 19 men had fun at Tino’s expense

The men of Season 19 have been having tons of fun together since they all became friends on The Bachelorette. A lot of photos and videos have been posted of them living their best life with each other while enjoying their new time in the spotlight.

One video surfaced over the weekend that wasn’t very flattering. The boys were partying in Nashville and a video made its rounds showing the boys with a non-flattering sign.

US Weekly shared what went down and who shared this questionable video that seemingly slammed finalist Tino Franco. Alec Garza shared the video on Instagram Stories. He wasn’t on the show for long and was eliminated during week three.

Alec was at the Hampton Social club in Nashville. He was with several of the other men from Rachel and Gabby’s season. These guys included Tyler Norris, Aven Jones, Jordan Vandergriff, Nate Mitchell, Mario Vassall and more of their former season 19 costars.

Alec with the Bachelorette's via Instagram

A person at the club reportedly purchased the use of the sign that said, “F–k Tino.” The men were holding the sign dancing and having a great time in the club.

The video was deleted after word started to get out. One of the men did reply to a private message saying the sign was no big deal and they were not the ones who paid for it.

A similar situation happened when the women from Clayton Echard’s season were seen partying with a similar sentiment about Shanae Ankney.

This isn’t the first time Tino has been slammed

This isn’t the first time Tino has been slammed by his co-stars. During the season Tino was upset he wasn’t given the group date rose from Rachel Recchia. So, in response to his somewhat childish behavior, Ethan Kang called him a “baby back b*tch.”

Tonight, fans will see the conclusion about what goes down between Tino and Rachel. Perhaps after tonight, the reasons behind the men partying with this sign will be revealed.

Should everyone be against Tino? The answers will all be given when The Bachelorette wraps up with a three-hour special Tuesday night on ABC.


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