Tino Franco’s Dad Joe Revealed What He Didn’t Want To See

Tino Franco, Instagram

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey’s Bachelorette season is winding down. Rachel’s front-runner Tino Franco got a lot of attention for his hometown date. The reason is his father, Joe Franco. He did not hesitate to ask Rachel the hard questions along with his wife. He also made a point to mention this was Rachel’s second time around doing the show.

Fans were upset with how they felt Rachel had been treated by his parents. Some said they thought they were just being protective and that’s how parents should be.

As we reported, Joe got redemption when he posted a hilarious list of things about him, which he called his tell-all. That wasn’t the first time he’d commented about Tino’s time on the show. Read on to see the other commentary Joe provided and what he didn’t want to see while Tino was on the show.

Tino Franco’s Dad Loves Posting About The Show

On fantasy suite night Rachel addressed how his parents had been. He told her his dad was just skeptical of the situation, but they’d come around. It seems Tino Franco has a huge fan and a protector in his father Joe. The viral tell-all wasn’t the only time he posted online about The Bachelorette. It’s clear Tino is close to his father. He posted the below picture for his birthday. The caption said, “Happy birthday dad! Thanks for putting up with me for 24 years, From me being a cry baby to teaching me what it means to be a costume competition champion.” He also shared pictures of his dad in costumes showing up more of Joe’s personality.

Joe and Tino Franco, Instagram
Joe and Tino Franco, Instagram

According to Us Weekly, his father posted after he got Rachel’s first impression. He said, “Our oldest son is on the Bachelorette, and got the ‘first impression rose’ whatever that is. Never have seen the show.” He went on to say they loved their son, but if he brought shame to their name they might not let him come home. Especially if he cried on the show.

The Deleted Comment That Tells How He Really Feels

A friend of Tino Franco wrote on Reddit, “first rule from longtime Bachelor franchise watcher … don’t sleep with the Bachelorette during the taping of the show. Best of luck!”  This comment has since been deleted, but Joe allegedly replied, “we told him the same thing when he left for the show!”

He clearly doesn’t want to see that on television. Fans truly believe now after his Twitter tell-all and sense of humor, he will support Tino if he ends up engaged to Rachel. No one wants to see another situation like Peter Weber’s mother chastising Madison Prewett on After the Final Rose. It is yet to be seen and fans will have to stay tuned for the next two Tuesdays to see how this journey ends. Though Aven is still in the running, fans think Tino is who Rachel wants.

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