‘Today’ Fans: Tyler Cameron To Join Hoda & Jenna As Co-Host?

Tyler Cameron - Hoda Kotb - Jenna bush - Youtube

Fans of The Today Show got a taste of how Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron vibes with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, and they are THIRSTY for more. Labeled by many as the honest man to ever join Bachelor Nation, Tyler sat down with Jenna and Hoda as a special guest during the third hour of their show.

Tyler Cameron proceeded to offer dating advice during a relationship segment of the show. For the most part, viewers at home admit they absolutely melted seeing him on their TV screens. And, they absolutely wanted Hoda and Jenna to pull some strings to bring this man back as a regular on the show.

Tyler Cameron - Youtube

Today fans want Tyler Cameron as a regular on the show

In the comments, both those that were familiar with Tyler Cameron and those that had never seen him before were swooning over him. Some jested George Clooney needed to move over because there was a new hot man in town. Most that took the time to comment on the Instagram post featuring his appearance on the show agreed that Tyler was easily the hottest man to ever grace Bachelor Nation fans with his existence.


A few viewers pointed out Jenna and Hoda with Tyler Cameron was a whole vibe and they wanted MORE than just a single hour of watching him on the show. Others jested this gorgeous piece of man meat was EXACTLY the spice the show was missing. Some begged for the higher-ups at The Today Show to consider offering him a position as a regular on the cast.

Tyler Cameron - Hoda Kotb - Jenna Bush - Youtube

Now, not everyone who watches The Today Show also watches stuff from the Bachelor franchise. So, there were many viewers who had absolutely no idea who Tyler was. One individual admitted they had to run to Google and do a deep dive on him after seeing this gorgeous man on the show. Here’s what some other thirsty fans had to say:

  • “Hottest guy to ever come out of the bachelor franchise.”
  • “He was fun on the show today. Thanks!”
  • “Oh my, who the heck is that”
  • “Tyler, you rocked that relationship forum on the show, too! @hodaandjenna — Tyler should become the permanent co-host for that segment!!! @nbc”
  • “Umm yes please!!!”

Should he join the show as a regular?

Considering The Today Show would be able to dip into the Bachelor Nation franchise audience, it may not be an awful idea to consider pulling him in for more regular appearances on the show. While a few viewers didn’t care for his appearance, the overwhelming majority did. Moreover, Hoda and Jenna were also intently focused on their guest.

Tyler Cameron via YouTube 8
Tyler Cameron via YouTube 8

Do you think Tyler Cameron should be a regular on The Today Show? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more talk show news.

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