‘Alaskan Bush People’ Matt Brown On Dealing With Dad’s Death

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Former Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown released a new video and in it, he talked about the passing of his dad, Billy Brown. Matt rarely talks about his family, who ostracized him when he left the show after a few controversies. However, fans have always been there for Matt and this was a moment where he got a little personal.

Here is what Matt said about his dad’s passing.

Matt Brown on the anniversary of his dad’s death

Matt Brown had a new video that started with him walking on the farm, where the snow behind him was melting. He mentioned how the winter came on quickly and it looks like there will be an early spring coming this year. Matt then moved on inside his house and apologized for there being no new videos.

He explained there was nothing going on lately outside of real-world stuff. He did say that he was working with his friend Michael on footage for his next video, and that looks like it will be coming soon for his friend. However, he then moved on to talk about the upcoming anniversary of his dad’s death.

Matt Brown from his IG account

Matt said that he knew that he had to prepare for the anniversary because it still hits him hard. He said that he is always processing and in recovery, he always looks out for the next thing that could be an emotional strain. He said that he has a lot of things from his past that builds up in his mind and when something happens in the current day, it would cause him to become depressed or upset.

Matt realized that it wasn’t the current thing, but all the problems from the past coming back on him. This means that when he sees something coming that could bring up the pain from the past, he can emotionally prepare for it.

Billy Brown died on February 7, 2021. Matt said that knowing that, and being in recovery, he recognizes the emotions that build up as he closes in on the second anniversary of his dad’s death so he isn’t so emotionally overwhelmed by it when the day comes. He wants to make life as positive as possible without fooling himself by not processing his actual emotions.

Matt is still not on good terms with Alaskan Bush People family

Matt Brown still has not reconciled with his family. He said that his emotional pull occurred two weeks before the anniversary of his dad’s death. The emotions sound like they are still rough.

Matt Brown IG

Matt said he wants to remember the positives of his relationship with his dad, while also recognizing the negatives. Those negatives don’t seem to be ending, as both Bear Brown and Raiven had made harsh comments about Matt recently, despite their estranged relationship. However, for Matt, it is all about processing his emotions and not letting anything outside of him bring him down.

What are your thoughts on Matt Brown talking about Billy’s death in his latest video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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