‘ABP’ Matt Brown Lets Fans Know About His Rough Holidays

Matt Brown / YouTube

Former Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown had fans concerned about him over the holidays. He posted a video on Christmas and seemed really down and out. Matt then disappeared until the new year, and fans began to grow really concerned.

However, Matt is back and he let his fans know what happened over the holidays.

Matt Brown on his tough holidays

Matt Brown showed up on Christmas Day and filmed himself at dinner time for his Instagram account. While he sat at the table, he mentioned that he wasn’t feeling well and he looked really down. After this video, he disappeared for a time. It wasn’t until after New Year’s that Matt showed back up with a new Instagram video.

Matt Brown / YouTube

In that video, Matt still seemed down and out and said that he had suffered through the flu during the Christmas holidays. He still sounded worn down. This was good and bad news for fans. For one thing, the holidays are never easy for people estranged from their families, and Matt remains estranged from his Alaskan Bush People family.

However, it was still tough to go through Christmas by himself while dealing with the flu. The good news is that he seems completely over the illness. This past week, Matt posted a new video of him outside his home and he was smiling and seemed very happy. He also admitted that he spent time working while ill on a new video for his fans.

Matt Brown IG

Matt Brown has a new YouTube video for fans

Matt Brown has also released his first new video in almost two weeks. While he was sick with the flu, Matt released a couple of videos about his recovery process and another with a Christmas drawing. However, he released his first long-form video since he ended his Road Wanderer series two months ago.

This new video is almost 30 minutes and shows Matt during his Apple Harvest in 2022. Matt said that the video took him a long time to edit what was a “real adventure” for him and he wanted to get everything in it. He said it was hard to edit, and that is why it took so long to get on YouTube. He said the video has about three weeks of harvesting, from the beginning to the end.

Matt Brown has promised fans that he will be doing a lot more work on YouTube with his adventures. This is a way for him to make some money on the side as well, as he gets paid advertising money based on views. With there being no chance that he will ever return to Alaskan Bush People, this is his only chance to connect with fans with the story of his life outside of his limited Instagram posts.

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