‘ABP’ Matt Brown Says Family Can ‘Hurt The Most’

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It seemed Matt Brown and his family had severed their ties and were moving on with their lives. However, it looks like neither side is letting go. While Matt posted a video earlier in the year about his family not accepting that he changed, Bear made comments this week about Matt breaking things off with the family.

On Saturday, Matt posted a quote on Instagram and then in the comments made his thoughts on family clear.

Matt Brown Says Family ‘Hurts The Most’

Last week, Bear Brown posted a video where he talked about what he loved about Alaskan Bush People. According to Bear, it was about the family dynamic on the show. He said it was about family and being there for each other. He also said it was about lifting others up even when they make mistakes. That seemed hypocritical to some Alaskan Bush People fans, who pointed out the family ostracizing Matt.

Matt Brown - YouTube

Bear wouldn’t listen to any more of that. He responded, saying Matt was the one who turned his back on the family. Bear said that Matt told lies about the family, even when they wanted to help him. He continued, saying that Matt was completely to blame for everything that went wrong.

As for Matt, he said his family stole money from him that he earned for appearing on the show. He said his own brother said he deserved to lose the money for being an addict. Matt also said the Alaskan Bush People production gave him drugs, which landed him in rehab. More recently, Matt said that his family wouldn’t accept that he had changed since his stint in rehab.

Now, Matt is speaking up again. The post he made was a quote attributed to Denzel Washington that read, “some people will never like you because your spirit irritates their demons.” One commenter said they related because they are going through a tough time with family for that reason. Matt then responded, “Its sad to here that, friend. I can relate, family can hurt the most, and can be the most challenging thing.”

The tension is far from being over with Matt Brown and his family.

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Matt Has Been Working On A New Video Series

While Matt Brown remains estranged from his family, he seems to keep himself busy. He has a job and just finished harvesting season. With that over with, Matt is now putting out videos he shot and edited on his YouTube channel. While his family is playing out their lives on Alaskan Bush People this season, Matt is keeping fans updated his own way.

His videos thus far have included a big trip up Chopacka mountain. This detailed an accident with his truck and a scary experience with a mama bear. He also showed how to make some interesting things for survival purposes and remains one of the most personable of the Brown siblings on camera.

What are your thoughts on Matt Brown and his family continuing to struggle with each other? Are you still watching Alaskan Bush People without him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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