‘ABP’ Matt Brown Releases First Video In New Series

Matt Brown

Matt Brown has been off Alaskan Bush People for a few seasons now. However, that does not mean that Matt has disappeared from the public eye. After he got out of rehab, Matt began his Instagram posting as a way to hold himself accountable for staying clean and moving forward.

Matt also enjoyed making long-form YouTube videos of his adventures. He has been promising a new video series for the past few months, and he finally started it this past weekend, premiering it right before Alaskan Bush People released its new episode. Here is what happened in the premiere of Matt’s new series.

Matt Brown Has Adventures In New YouTube Series

Matt Brown

The first episode of Matt Brown’s new YouTube series was called Road Wanderer: Not Enough Runaway. The first episode hit on Sunday, and instead of waiting until Sunday for the second, he released it on Tuesday. According to Matt, he felt that on a platform like YouTube, it was better to have them come in a more rapid-fire progression.

Matt had already shot a lot of the footage, and all he has to do is edit it together for the new releases. With the harvesting season over at Matt’s job, he has a lot more time to devote to these videos as he takes his fans on his adventures in his life, post-Alaskan Bush People.

The first episode came and showed Matt Brown having some scary moments. In the first episode, which clocked in at 47 minutes, Matt took his truck up Chopacka mountain for the first time. Sadly, things didn’t start out well for him when the road gave out on him and his truck wrecked. Matt used music and sound effects to deliver more suspense.

Things got even more intense later in the episode. Matt was stuck in the woods with a mama bear between him and the cabin as he tried to walk to the cabin with his gear. He showed the next day how close it could have been.

Matt Follows Up With More Adventures

Tuesday’s video showed Matt on Chopaka mountain. While he was there, he was trying to create a few different things to make his stay there more comfortable. This was a lot more up the Alaskan Bush People alley. Just like with that show, this was all about doing things in creative and often unexpected ways. This also included a new alarm system he set up to stay protected from dangerous animals coming up to the cabin.

What did you think of Matt Brown’s videos on YouTube? How do they compare to Alaskan Bush People’s latest season? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I enjoy the videos as they are planned but spontaneous. I see it as ever as good as when he was on the Alaska Bush family. Wondered how he films himself when trucking (walking around)?

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