‘Alaskan Bush People’ Matt Brown Breaks Silence, Where Is He Now?

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Considered the black sheep of the Alaskan Bush People family, fans often don’t get as many updates on how Matt Brown is doing or where he is now. So, it is understandable that fans would want a 2022 update on where ABP star Matt Brown is and how he’s doing now. Fortunately, there is a pretty easy way to get updates on the black sheep of the family via Instagram. Despite being a bit of an outcast, ABP star Matt Brown has accrued 225K followers on Instagram. So, he frequently pops onto his profile with videos updating his followers on what’s going on with his life.

Sadly, it had been about a week since the Discovery Channel personality posted on his Instagram profile. Alaskan Bush People fans were growing a bit concerned as a week prior he had made a habit of posting 2-3 times a week (or more). Where did he go and why did he stop posting? Fortunately, after a week of nothing, Matt Brown broke his Instagram silence. What kind of update did he have for Alaskan Bush People fans?

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Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown Breaks Silence

Matt Brown of Alaskan Bush People kicked off his video with a bit of humor as he nearly gets taken out by a low-hanging branch before he even gets to share his update with his followers. He admits he knows it has been a little while since he jumped on Instagram and did a video for his followers. The Discovery Channel personality proceeded to promise his followers he would work to get better at offering updates because he really likes uploading a video every couple of days to his profile.

Matt Brown explained he’s been doing a lot of editing on his videos for his YouTube Channel. He added that he’s also been hard at work getting the orchard ready for harvest. Matt, however, decided to take his followers to see one of his favorite spots at the orchard.

Matt Brown - ABP - Instagram

The Alaskan Bush People star explains that it is important to find beautiful things in life. This favorite spot on the property is just an example. He said it helps to be able to stop and take a few minutes to look out at the beauty. It allows him to get out of his head and get back to a calm place. “I’ve tailored my life to be very calm.” 

Matt Brown added that it is important for him to surround himself with calm people who are easy to get along with as well. Moreover, he also finds importance in not living his life on autopilot. He ended his video by blessing his followers and noting that “Jesus loves us all.” 

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