‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Accused Of Violently Raping Multiple Women

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Troubling news for Alaskan Bush People fans as Matt Brown has been accused of violently raping multiple women back in 2018. As ABP fans know, Matt Brown has struggled with addiction for several years. The year 2018 was also the year he returned to rehab for his addiction after he first sought treatment during the spring of 2016.

NSFW Trigger Warning: This article contains details about an alleged sexual assault. The content may be difficult for some individuals to read. Please proceed with caution.

Two women have accused ABP alum Matt Brown of rape.

Two women recently came forward and identified themselves during an interview with The Sun. These women describe Matt Brown as “a monster” as they opened up about the horrific details of the attack.

Speaking to The Sun, the two women allege that Alaskan Bush People alum Matt Brown raped them just a few days apart. They also alleged he was drinking heavily at the time. Both women reported the alleged crime to Los Angeles Police Department’s Topanga Division. Then, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office received the cases. The women proceeded to tell The Sun that the D.A. decided not to prosecute Matt Brown for his alleged crime.

Woman #1: Jessica Jurges

Jessica Jurges was once a personal assistant of Matt Brown’s family. She recalled Matt raping her in a swimming pool on July 8, 2018 in Canoga Park, Los Angeles. Jessica said she tried to fight him off, but was not successful.

“I was disgusted. I said everything nasty I could to him, to get him off me and it wasn’t happening. He kept saying, ‘Take your glasses off.’ I was just thinking, I’m dying.” She recalled to The Sun.

During the alleged assault, there were times where Jessica believed she was going to drown because she wasn’t a very good swimmer.

Jessica Jurges added that Matt’s alleged second victim was who “saved” her from the situation. Her name was Shelly Dawn. She was Matt’s manager at the time.

Thank God she was there. She ripped him off. At some point, his back was towards her and she grabbed him one hand underneath one shoulder, one hand on his hair. I still couldn’t get out – there was a stupid ladder that wasn’t attached – one of those half ladders. So every time I would try to climb off it, he would pull me right back in the water. I could have died, I could have drowned.”

Jessica continued to recall: “After the attack, we got out of the pool. And we’re just reprimanding him saying, ‘Matt what the f*** is wrong with you? Don’t you ever do that to anybody. You’ll go to prison. Do you understand?’… He just apologized and cried.”

Woman #2: Shelly Dawn

Shelly Dawn alleges that just three days later Matt Brown raped her at the very same location. Because of a hip replacement, she wasn’t able to fight him off. And, she alleges that Matt knew about it.

“He knew that I had a hip replacement and he knew that my legs aren’t as strong as the rest of my body and that’s how it happened. He was out-of-his-mind drunk. After it happened, he told me that I raped him — that’s how drunk he was,” She recalls to the outlet.

Jessica Jurges also revealed that she did tell several of Matt’s family members what happened. And, The Sun reported the alleged text messages.

Bear allegedly texted: “I tried to warn you! If I knew he was that bad though! I’d have killed him.”

“I’m so sorry I mean this with all my heart stay away from Matt,” Gabe allegedly texted.

The Discovery Channel was aware of the allegations.

Now, People Magazine did reach out to the Discovery Channel for an official statement on the allegations.


According to the outlet, the Discovery Channel did confirm they were approached a few years ago with disturbing allegations.

We agreed the local authorities should be contacted immediately. Due to the nature of the accusations we felt that all cooperation would be most appropriately handled by law enforcement.”

People Magazine also tried reaching out to Matt Brown directly for a statement about the allegations. But, he has yet to respond.

So, why do you think the women are just now coming forward about the alleged rape? And, why do you think the D.A. decided not to prosecute? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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