‘ABP’ Matt Brown Gives Fans Heads Up On New Changes

Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People | YouTube

Former Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown used to post a video on Instagram every other day and videos on YouTube regularly as well. However, he has been mostly absent over the last month. It was harvest time and Matt has been hard at work at his job, and he has been noticeably absent from social media during that time.

Matt was back on Thursday, and he had some big news and an enormous surprise for his fans.

Matt Brown has a new video coming on YouTube

Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People | YouTube

A few weeks ago, Matt Brown introduced his fans to a friend of his named Michael Robinson. In Matt’s new Instagram post, he revealed he had a brand-new video and fans could find it first on Michael’s channel. However, there was a problem. After telling people to head over to Michael’s channel to see it early there, the video is nowhere to be seen.

“So today I released my first video of this next set on his channel,” Matt said in the IG video. Matt also explained he was doing this for two reasons. One, he wanted to help promote Michael’s YouTube channel to help him gain subscribers. He would release his videos a day early on Michael’s channel and then release them on his own channel the next day.

However, two days after promising the video on Michael’s channel and then saying it was coming to his own channel, there is no new video on either YouTube channel. The last video for Michael was two weeks ago with him at Veterans Memorial Park with a metal detector looking for things. He has 237 subscribers, and that video got 916 views. For Matt, his last video came two months ago when he and Michael were hanging out together. Matt, who has 28,000 subscribers, got 15,000 views on that post.

Matt Brown on IG

Where has Matt Brown been?

Many fans were getting worried. One reason Matt Brown does his videos is because he uses it as part of his rehab progress. It is a way for him to keep himself accountable in a public space. When he went days and even weeks without a new Instagram post, fans began worrying.

The good news is that Matt has been busy. His recent posts showed him in the orchids where he works. He has been working hard at the end of harvesting season, and that has kept him busy and tired. He has had little time to make videos because he is hard at work.

Unlike his brothers onĀ Alaskan Bush People, Matt has to work an actual job to pay the bills and doesn’t get reality TV money. However, he said that once the harvesting season ends, he will have the time to put out videos and promised fans a series of interconnecting videos. This new video was supposed to be the start of that.

Are you excited to see Matt Brown posting videos again? What do you want to see from him on YouTube and Instagram? Let us know in the comments below.

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