Matt Brown Throws Shade At ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family

Matt Brown has been living on his own for a few years now. His family, the stars of Alaskan Bush People, have distanced themselves from him and he has remained isolated. However, he has refused to leave his fans behind after departing from the show. He posts on Instagram and YouTube regularly and in a recent post, he threw some shade at his family.

Here is what Matt said and what he meant by his comments.

Matt Brown Throws Shade At Alaskan Bush People Family

Alaskan Bush People fired Matt Brown from his family’s show after a series of events made Discovery Channel realize they might be better off without him on the show. It started with his addiction issues, and while he went to rehab to clean himself up, it wasn’t enough. Two women accused Matt of sexual assault and Discovery fired him.

Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People | YouTube

The prosecutors chose not to file any criminal charges against Matt and nothing has been done about it since. He has moved on and is working hard on making his own way in the world. This includes working in an orchard, which just had its harvest finished. With the season over, Matt said he plans on releasing his long-awaited YouTube series, which he has set up like a season of a TV show.

The first episode just went live on YouTube on Sunday night, just one hour before Alaskan Bush People’s newest episode began airing. That couldn’t have been a coincidence. However, while introducing the video on Instagram, he made a nice comment that turned into something different in the end.

“I want to thank you guys for all of your support, encouragement, kind words, for being there basically,” Matt said. He has always been grateful for his fans, but then he continued on. “You know, in life, it’s hard to find people that are there.” This might seem innocent, but this goes back a long way in his videos.

Matt Has Always Felt His Family Wasn’t There For Him

Matt Brown has always struggled with his family. After his dad’s death, he posted that he went to talk to his mother about getting paid for his work on the show and one of his brothers told him he deserved to not get paid since he was an “alcoholic.” This was after he had gone through rehab in a facility.

This year, he said he hoped that his family could start to see him for who he has become, and not who he used to be before his recovery. At the same time, he said it is unrealistic to put a time limit on that. He also said this has always been a case of “truth vs lies.” It seems that Matt still feels alone and relies on his fans to give him some self-worth.

Are you excited to see Matt Brown starting his new YouTube series? Are you going to watch it along with Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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