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‘ABP’ Matt Brown Is Changing His Social Media Posting Format

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Fans following former Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown on social media will get a change in how the former reality TV star produces his videos. These videos are part of Matt’s rehab work, a way to remain accountable.

Here are the changes he is making to his social media videos.

Matt Brown is changing how & when he posts

Matt Brown posted a new video on Instagram and it showed up at a very different time of the day. Usually, Matt posts his videos in the mornings no matter when he shot them. In this case, he posted his video at night. Then he explained why he put the video up at night and that it would become a regular occurrence from now on.

Matt Brown | YouTube

Matt said videos put up at night can sometimes get more views and interaction than those earlier in the day. Plus, Matt said he would shoot a video at night and then save it for the morning to post it. Now, if there is something Matt wants to share at nighttime, he will record it, edit it, and post it immediately. This will allow him to communicate with his fans on a more real-time basis.

Matt said he understands he is more energetic during the day, but that doesn’t come into the argument for him on the new posting times. Matt said he will record a video during the day, but he won’t have time to edit and post it because of one reason or another. He said that is why sometimes there will be days going by with no videos. Plus, he said he recorded plenty of videos that never got posted for this reason.

Matt said the day before he posted this video that he went on a walk into town to shop and recorded his trip. However, he didn’t have time to post it and never did. Matt said he won’t do that anymore. He said that from now on when he makes a video for his fans, he will post it no matter what time it is, day or night.

 Planning new YouTube video series

There is more good news as Matt Brown said there is more coming for his YouTube series. His last series saw him going up the mountain, having an auto accident, and then facing off with a mama bear. He ended it with him exploring and being reflective on life on the mountain. Matt said there is a new adventure coming up the mountain this winter.

Matt Brown | YouTube

He also said he bought a tent and some warm clothes for this adventure. It sounds dangerous, but Matt Brown grew up in Alaska, living in the bush, so a Washington winter shouldn’t be quite that bad. Until that series is finished, fans can now catch him on Instagram no matter the time of the day when he comes up with an idea he wants to share.

Do you follow Matt Brown on social media? What do you think about his videos since leaving Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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