Matt Brown Reveals What Is Next For ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star

Matt Brown | YouTube

Matt Brown was back with a new Instagram video. He let fans know he is preparing for a new adventure in a video series. He also pointed them to a new video from one of his friends.

Here is a look at what Matt Brown has planned for his next adventure and when fans might be seeing that.

Matt Brown planning new adventure on the mountain

Matt Brown enjoys making videos and presenting them for his Alaskan Bush People fans to enjoy. This is a big deal because many fans still miss him since he left the Discovery Channel reality show. The production fired Matt a few years back after a rehab stint and abuse charges arose.

Matt Brown | YouTube

While Matt ended up with no charges filed against him, he wasn’t allowed back with his family on the show. Not only that, but Bear Brown recently said that Matt remains estranged, and he blamed his brother. However, for Matt’s fans, he is very active on Instagram and is hard at work on his YouTube videos. The next one is in the planning stages.

Matt said that he hadn’t posted a video in a few days on Instagram because his internet has been giving him problems. However, he has a lot of stuff planned for his fans. With winter hitting Washington, Matt has bought a new tent and had some footage of him in the tent and getting it set up. He mentioned the wings on the mountain are bad, and he had to secure the tent to a fence and his truck to keep it from sailing away.

However, the upcoming adventure series Matt has planned will see him making another trip up the mountain. This time, he plans to stay in the tent in the winter. This sounds scary and a bit dangerous, but Matt lived in the bush of Alaska, so he feels he is prepared for this adventure. He also showed that the tent had two entrances so he could escape if a predator showed up. Furthermore, he mentioned wild cats are a danger year-round.

Matt Brown IG

Matt Brown’s last video was full of adventure

Matt Brown’s last YouTube series was also full of adventure. In that one, he went up the mountain. He stayed in the cabin at that time, but there were still dangerous moments. He came upon a mama bear between him and the cabin at night, and that caused a lot of tense situations.

Matt also had an accident in his truck on the way up, and the video showed that event as well. Other than that, Matt had a lot of great scenery in the videos. Finally, Matt let fans know that his friend Michael just released his new video on YouTube with an adventure of his own.

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