‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bear Brown Snaps Has Ugly Words For Matt

Bear Brown and Matt Brown | IG screencap and YouTube screencap

People have been asking why the Brown family from Alaskan Bush People won’t bring the oldest son Matt Brown back into the fold. However, it seems these constant questions finally got the best of Bear Brown. In a recent post, Bear finally snapped and had some pointed things to say about his older brother.

Here is a look at Bear’s comments and what he says is the real reason the family isn’t communicating with Matt Brown anymore.

Bear Brown Blames Matt Brown For Broken Relationship

Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People / YouTube

Bear Brown has started a TikTok account. After he creates his videos there, he repurposes and reposts them to Instagram. His first video was not fit for TikTok because it showed Bear jumping through fire. However, after this, Bear began making more wholesome videos. In one, he talked about how the family was so important to Alaskan Bush People.

This caused several commenters to speak out about Bear and his family not having a good relationship with their brother Matt Brown. Alaskan Bush People fired Matt after sexual abuse allegations followed a rehab stint for drug abuse. These comments always come about Matt in posts like this.

This time, Bear Brown was not backing down, and he responded to the comments. Bear’s wife Raiven had commented before, saying people didn’t know the full truth. However, this was Bear’s first time commenting on it himself.

“I’m getting tired of people acting like it’s us!” Bear responded. “Why take his word over the whole family? It makes no sense! You talk about someone who has not ever apologized for the things he’s done! Someone who spoke lies about his own dad after he died a dad that was ALWAYS there for him.”

Bear then said that it was Matt Brown who left the family, not the other way around. This goes against a previous video that Matt posted where he said he wanted to get paid for his time on Alaskan Bush People, but his brother told him he deserved to lose it because of everything he had done.

Bear Brown IG

Matt Brown Won’t Be Back On Alaskan Bush People

No matter what fans want, Matt Brown will never be back on Alaskan Bush People. Matt said that his parents, Billy and Ami Brown, stole $360,000 from him for his Alaskan Bush People wages.

Matt also said that Alaskan Bush People producers gave him drugs, and they also supplied them to Billy and Ami. Additionally, he stoked the flames for viewers saying the reality show is staged and the Brown family doesn’t really live without modern conveniences. He said they had a TV and carried a generator everywhere they went to keep electricity.

When addressing this, Bear stated that this is all lies. “It’s heartbreaking that he would say such horrible lies about Da just a few months after he passed away,” Bear said. “I pray that he can find the peace and serenity in his life that he needs.”

What are your thoughts on Matt Brown and his broken relationship with his family on Alaskan Bush People? Is it time to let bygones be bygones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I believe Matt. No way the bush people have what the have and built what they did with NO electricity of some sort. You all are fake and need to be canceled

    1. As far as the TV & generator goes, they obviously had those. Many times they’ve talked about their DVD collection. They know A LOT of things that a really sheltered family wouldn’t know. They learned them from movies and such.
      There may be some lies on Matt’s part. But, I’m sure it goes both ways. I’d love to see the guy back on the show.

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