‘ABP’ Matt Brown Finishes Up His New YouTube Series

Matt Brown | YouTube

Matt Brown has announced that he has officially finished his new YouTube series. While Alaskan Bush People continues to air its current season from week to week on Discovery Channel, Matt knocked out his “adventure” in just a couple of weeks. This was always his plan.

According to Matt, when he started the project, he waited until harvesting season ended to get a start. He knew that a show released on YouTube needed to have very little time between episodes to keep people interested. It might have worked, as it has not ended.

Matt Brown ends current YouTube series


Matt Brown released a new Instagram video on Monday and let people know that his YouTube series had just released its last episode. The short series was a four-part story called Road Wanderer: Not Enough Runway. The videos showed him taking a trip up Chopecka Mountain, and what he did while he was up there.

Matt Brown | YouTube

This was all shot by Matt as he went up to the mountain alone. He used a handheld camera, and either carried it while talking into it or set it up and talked. He also showed himself doing things by setting up the camera on a tripod and he even created scenes of him walking and doing things with camera setups as well. Finally, he used music to score some scenes.

The first episode had lots of action. His truck broke down and suffered some damage on the way up the mountain. He also had a moment where he was on his way to the cabin and found a mama bear between him and his destination. That was a very scary moment for Matt. The next couple of episodes had Matt showing people how he set things up and built things to help him while he was up there.

Matt Brown promised there would be flashbacks in the fourth episode. He shot a lot of stuff on a trip earlier in the year, but life got in the way. He never could get it edited and up on YouTube, so this was a chance to show the footage. Matt changed his mind. He said that there was not a good place to add flashback scenes, so he didn’t Instead, the last episode was what Matt called a “slice of life.”

What is next for Matt Brown?


In the Instagram video about his YouTube finale, Matt Brown said he wasn’t finished. He said he was really excited as he thought about what he would film next. He has lots of plans and enjoys sharing them with his Alaskan Bush People fans.

Matt Brown | YouTube

With harvesting season finished, Matt has lots of time on his hands. Making YouTube videos also gives him a chance to make some money to help buy groceries and support himself. For Alaskan Bush People fans who miss Matt Brown, this is a nice way to support him and get to see him doing what he loves more than anything – exploring the wilderness.

Did you watch Matt Brown’s YouTube series? More so, what did you think about his filmmaking and mountain adventures? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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