Matt Brown Explains How ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Help Him

Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People | YouTube

Matt Brown released a new Instagram video. In it, he explained how Alaskan Bush People fans actively help him make ends meet. This isn’t about anyone sending him money, though. Instead, Matt said that the fans’ support is what really helps him get by.

Here is how Matt Brown’s fans from his past reality show help him with his everyday needs.

Matt Brown on how Alaskan Bush People fans help him

When Discovery Channel fired Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People, it left him with no way to make money. Thanks to his dad keeping him and his siblings off the grid, Matt grew up without developing hardly any skills outside of survival skills. However, there was one skill that he learned that has helped him get by today.

Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People | YouTube

While Matt tried to get what his family owed him, the Browns refused and left their oldest son on his own. Luckily, Matt got a job working harvesting crops in Washington. While that gives him some money, he revealed in his latest Instagram video how Alaskan Bush People fans help him pay the bills. More so, it doesn’t involve any of them doing anything but supporting him with their time.

Matt said in his new video that he was busy editing the latest YouTube video of his journey up the mountains. This video will include some flashbacks to video footage that Matt shot earlier in the year that he didn’t have time to do anything with because of his job harvesting. That is the skill that he took away from Alaskan Bush People – filmmaking while editing and creating videos.

Matt then revealed that what really helps him afford necessities like food and shelter, on top of his day job, is the money he makes by monetizing his YouTube channel. With the videos he releases, when people watch them, he gets money from Google AdSense. The pay is about $18 per 1,000 ad views, which averages out to about $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views (since not all views count as ad views for various reasons).

How much does Matt make from YouTube videos?

Breaking this down, the first video in Matt Brown’s new series got 6,000 views, while the second hit 5,500 and the third is sitting at 3,700 views. Just for those three videos, released in a four-day period, Matt received approximately $60. While that isn’t a lot of money, for a single guy like Matt, it is a week’s worth of groceries.

Those are also new videos, and the views could increase. A video from nine months ago got 45,000 views by itself, which is about $180, so the money can add up to help Matt survive over time. You can watch the first video in his new series here:

Do you watch Matt Brown’s YouTube videos? What are your thoughts on how he keeps Alaskan Bush People fans up to date with his life? Let us know in the comments below.

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