‘The Bachelor’ Zach Shallcross Says No Unnecessary Drama This Season

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The Bachelor Zach Shallcross is letting fans know what they can expect from his season. In light of recent seasons and all the drama, Zach is letting Bachelor Nation know he isn’t playing games. What is Zach saying fans can expect to see on his journey? Keep reading to find out more.

Bachelor Zach Shallcross has a message for critics

US Weekly shared Zach Shallcross’ message for all the critics out there who think his season will be another drama filled dumpster fire. He said, “I would tell the critics and the fans, if you wanna watch something or this show and actually see love and no bulls—t and not a scene or not an act, then I think you’re really gonna love this [season].” Zach continued, “If you are someone that wants the unnecessary dumb drama — alright, [but] I might not be your guy. Plain and simple.”

Zach is looking for love, his person to spend his life with. He shares that he knows what he wants and what he needs to do to get it. Zach knows what a healthy relationship will take to make it work.

Fans met Zach during his time on The Bachelorette with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. He ultimately chose to pursue Rachel and made it to fantasy suites. However, after their overnight date, Zach eliminated himself saying that Rachel was different behind closed doors. Now, he says he knows that he and Rachel lacked good communication.

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How did he handle night one at the mansion?

Zach decided he wasn’t going to put too much pressure on himself. He didn’t give himself a lot of guidelines for that first night. If he had too many rules for himself, Zach knew it would keep him from fully giving in to the experience and meeting the women with open eyes.

Zach shared his goal was to meet and talk with every woman there as long as time would allow it. It’s obvious Zach wants to be fair. He also talked about kissing women on the first night and the judgement that goes along with that. He said, “Regards to the kissing, sometimes you just had that connection and it’s like, ‘Who am I to deny that?’ If it feels right, if it’s forced, definitely not. But if it’s natural and it’s mutual, then hell, ‘Why not?’”

It’s all about the love

While Zach can’t give away too much about how his season will wind down, he did say he is very happy and he feels people will be very surprised by how the journey plays out.

He also touched on the controversial topic on if the lead should say “love” to the women. In Zach’s eyes, he believes there is one true love for every person and varying degrees of love that lead up to that. How will this play out for him?

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