‘The Bachelor’ Zach Shallcross: Who Are The Final Three Women?

Zach Shallcross final three via YouTube

Zach Shallcross is about to begin his journey on The Bachelor January 23. As always, Reality Steve is dishing out spoilers well in advance of the season airing. He’s not quite figured out who won the season or even who the final two are. However, he has shared the final three ladies who accompanied Zach on overnight fantasy suite dates. Keep reading to find out who these three ladies are. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

The final three ladies for The Bachelor Zach Shallcross

Spoilers for Zach Shallcross and his journey as The Bachelor are already out there. Many die hard fans want to know the ending before it all ever begins. So, Reality Steve delivers. He has shared many spoilers for Zach’s season so far including which three lucky ladies made it to the final three. Steve went to his blog to share the spoilers.

The three final women Zach has chosen are Gabriella Elnicki, Ariel Frenkel, and Kaity Biggar. The fantasy suite dates took place in Krabi, Thailand. So far this is the only information that is available at the moment.

Zach Shallcross YouTube The Bachelor Season 27

The final three

Gabriella Elnicki, 25, is from Houston, Texas. Fans can folow her on Instagram at sprikling_sunshine. The bio on her Instagram says, “Spicier than your average buffalo wing.” She graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2019. She is currently a Sr Acct Executive at Calculated Hire. Gabriella’s LinkedIn account says, “I work directly with clients to solve complex problems and pursue opportunities for growth.”


Gabriela E via Insta

Next up is Ariel Frenkel who is 28 and from New York. Right now there is not a lot of information to report on her. Steve was able to post photos of Ariel on her hometown date with Zach which can be seen below.

Finally, the third final lady is Kaity Biggar. She is 27 and from San Antonio, Texas. Kaity is a travel nurse.

Other spoilers are also out about the season including who Zach Shallcross gave his first impression rose to. The lucky lady who received that first rose from Zach is Greer Blitzer.

The show is just a few weeks away from its January 23 premiere date and on January 4 Jesse Palmer will be going live to introduce the ladies to fans. So, fans will be getting each woman’s full bio pretty soon.

Are you excited to watch Zach try and find love after things went south with Rachel Recchia? Do you think he will find what he is looking for?

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.

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