Fan Faves Share Why Zach Shallcross Will Rock ‘The Bachelor’

Zach Shallcross, YouTube

Fan favorites from The Bachelorette are hyping up Zach Shallcross, saying he’s going to kill being lead on The Bachelor. One of the best things The Bachelorette brings the fans is the bromances. Fans absolutely love seeing the guys hanging out on Instagram after bonding and chasing the same woman. They also love seeing them play sharks and minnows in the pool with each other on Bachelor in Paradise.

Most of all, they love the way they support each other. That’s true for new Bachelor lead Zach and his bros Nate Mitchell and Tyler Norris. When they stopped by Click Bait, they had nothing but love for their guy. Zach ended things with Rachel Recchia after what seemed to be an uncomfortable overnight for him. Now, he’s ready to find the one for him on his own show.

Zach Shallcross Is Ready For Love

One running joke now that he’s the lead is that he’s twenty-six now and ready for love. Something Rachel Recchia said about him was she felt he was too young for marriage and she was only four months older. When he went on the Jennifer Hudson Show, the host said, “make it make sense.” Fans have defended Rachel thinking she was trying to let Zach down easily, but it came off strange since they are the same age.

Zach Shallcross, YouTube
Zach Shallcross, YouTube

Tyler said Zach told them in order to love someone he had to love himself first. He struggled with his weight as a football player who weighed three-hundred pounds. Once he got to a weight he could be comfortable at, he learned how to love himself again. However, it took him a while to get there.

Both Men Feel He Is A Thoughtful & Passionate Person

Nate talked about how passionate Zach was and how thoughtful he was. He added that when he had his one-on-one, Zach stayed up to see how it had gone. Plus, he thinks there is a lot of him viewers didn’t get to see on the show because there wasn’t enough time. Nate is excited to see his journey play out.

Zach Shallcross, YouTube
Zach Shallcross, YouTube

Tyler said respect was big among the contestants even though they were all going after Rachel. According to Bachelor Nation, he knew Zach was a good guy. If he had to lose to someone, Zach would be one of the remaining men that would treat her well.

Tyler said, “he’s a very smart guy, he’s quirky, he’s hilarious.” Zach still checks in with them and that’s one of the things they love about him. They said seeing, “how vulnerable he can be and how he can express who he is”, he’s the best one for the lead. Are you excited for Zach’s season of The Bachelor? Let us know in the comments below.

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