Jesse Palmer Talks Supporting Zach Shallcross & What To Expect

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The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer is opening up about the upcoming season of the show featuring Zach Shallcross. He is talking about supporting the new lead and what fans can expect to see. He also talked about how his job is more than just being a host. Keep reading to find out everything Jesse had to say.

Jesse Palmer talks supporting Zach Shallcross

Bachelor Nation shared what host Jesse Palmer had to say on a recent Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. He discussed how his role was very different with both Zach and Clayton Echard. Jesse noted that each season is specific to that lead and what they want. He said, “What I learned is that Clayton was a very different Bachelor than Zach and both needed different things. One thing I’ve always tried to be careful of and make a priority is I don’t want to interject myself and make it about me.”

Jesse went on to add that he knew early on that Zach was going to need some support. Zach has the best intentions and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Jesse said, “I know we say that about a lot of people, but Zach takes goodbyes very hard. There were some moments during this season where he had sent someone home and got really emotional.”

The current leads personality is what determines how much Jesse steps in. He will help on and off camera if help is warranted or desired. He won’t overstep his boundaries. Jesse recalled a time when Bachelorette Rachel Recchia was really down and he took it upon himself to go talk to her privately and offer a shoulder to lean on.

Zach Shallcross via Instagram

What fans can expect this season

Jesse went on to discuss a little more about Zach Shallcross’ upcoming season. He said, “I would say Zach’s season is a bit of a throwback season in the sense that this is really about the love story. It’s not so much about the drama. I know in the past drama has taken over and there will always be some drama, but this season is less about that. It’s really more about the love story and Zach trying to find his person. He’s really intentional. I was so impressed watching him because he really made a point to talk to everybody.”

Jesse also noted that Zach was very intent on spending time with each woman on every date. It was something that meant a lot to him.

This isn’t the most dramatic season ever and Jesse is first to admit that. He said this season is more about emotions. In fact, it was noted that Zach sheds quite a few tears during the season.

Are you ready to watch Zach’s journey to find love on The Bachelor? The season premiere is January 23 on ABC.



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