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Clayton Echard Shares His ‘Addiction’ & Doesn’t Want Sympathy

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The Bachelor Clayton Echard has never held back when it comes to talking about mental illness and now is no different. He went to Instagram to share what he describes as his “addiction” and is clear that he doesn’t want sympathy from fans. Clayton is enduring another rough patch and wanted to express his feelings to everyone. He always tries to remain open and vulnerable with his followers. Keep reading to find out more about what Clayton is going through.

Clayton Echard shares struggles with fans

It’s been said by many other leads of The Bachelor franchise that it’s hard taking on that responsibility. There’s lots of up but also many downs. Clayton Echard is one Bachelor who has been open about his struggles with mental illness. This isn’t his first vulnerable confession. Previously, Clayton had admitted to having suicidal thoughts after the backlash he received while his season was airing on ABC.

In addition to having suicidal thoughts, Clayton also struggled with body dysmorphia. He continues to share his struggles because he wants to raise awareness and let others know they are not alone.

Now, Clayton is opening up about another mental health issue he’s enduring. He went to Instagram to share his vulnerable thoughts. He said the issue is the “withdrawal or comedown effect” that occurs after fame. Clayton goes on to describe the issue further stating that while he wants to go back to a normal lifestyle like he had prior to the show, it’s difficult. He said it’s easy to view life now as not as exciting as when he was in the spotlight. He also noted that he has spoken to others in similar positions who struggle with the same feelings. A few pages from his lengthy post can be seen below.

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He went even deeper about why he thinks he’s feeling this way

Clayton went even further and said that he believes this struggle has to do with dopamine release which is basically the feel good hormone. Now that he is no longer experiencing highs and excitement like he lived in the spotlight, he’s finding normal life hard and not exciting. He mentioned a low or depressed dopamine level can cause sadness which he believes he is experiencing. Since natural highs are no longer being experienced one can fall victim to this “state of addiction.”

Clayton Echard Instagram Post

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Clayton said now it’s about chasing that natural high and just wanting to feel good again. He said, “We are creatures of comparison to a fault and it can be dangerous.” He detailed the exciting experiences he’s had and how it all just disappeared and he wasn’t the “hot commodity” anymore.

Clayton stressed he does not want sympathy from anyone. Clayton is trying to raise awareness and people to realize that a sharp drop in dopamine levels can be similar to overcoming an addiction. Some keep quiet about their struggles because of the backlash they receive from others who think they have no reason to be unhappy. Clayton wants that to change.

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Clayton wrapped up his post saying, “Again, I don’t want your sympathy. Many of us don’t. We just want to feel seen, heard, and understood. That’s all anyone really wants.”

Bachelor Nation applauded Clayton for his vulnerability and openness.

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