Clayton Echard Seemingly Blames ‘The Bachelor’ Producers For Edit

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Clayton Echard has been one of the most picked-on leads on The Bachelor of all time. He made some mistakes which he did own up to. However, looking back now, Clayton is seemingly blaming producers for his horrible edit. Keep reading to find out more.

Clayton Echard blames production for bad edit

US Weekly shared what Clayton Echard had to say about the edit he was given during his time as The Bachelor. He opened up about how he was received by fans while his season was airing back on television.

Clayton said, “Watching it back, I was embarrassed and disgusted by my actions and the way I was portrayed or seen on TV.” He continued saying, “Ultimately, I had to live with the fact that my narrative is what was shown. And that was hard because that’s not really who I am. I don’t feel that what I was on the show is who I truthfully am but I did those things, I became that person.”

Of course, fans know that Clayton made Bachelor history when he told Susie he had been intimate with both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. He then went on to tell Gabby and Rachel he was falling in love with both of them and also Susie Evans. So, it was a complete “train wreck” in Clayton’s eyes.

In the end, Clayton broke Gabby and Rachel’s hearts. It worked out for both of them though, they are now the current leads on The Bachelorette. 

Clayton and Susie reconnected and are still together today. In fact, they are living together in Virginia.

He had to deal with so much hate

Clayton has gotten good at laughing at himself while Bachelor Nation disses him. It wasn’t always that way though. Clayton said he received thousands of messages spewing hate toward him. They all came at once and he became very overwhelmed. He’s never hidden the fact that his mental health was affected.

After taking a step back and analyzing his feelings and actions on the show. Clayton came to the realization that one can fall for more than one person but can’t really be in love with more than one at a time.

Clayton and Susie are happy and going strong. They have learned to just go with the flow when it comes to all the Clayton hate. They even made a TikTok saying “Clayton sucks” after The Bachelorette premiere featured the same song with a kids choir singing it.

What do you think about Clayton feeling his edit wasn’t really who he is as a person? Are you glad that Clayton is able to laugh at himself now along with other Bachelor Nation fans and members?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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