Clayton Echard Accepts ‘Bachelor’ Blame In Emotional Message

Clayton Echard, Instagram

Clayton Echard of The Bachelor realizes he isn’t perfect. He said in the days leading up to After the Final Rose, he questioned a lot about what went wrong in his season. Everyone saw the end where he slept with both of the new Bachelorette leads Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia while being in love with Susie Evans.

Everyone watched as she considered that a deal-breaker for their relationship and the mess that came from that. Echard handled it with stress and told her she dropped a bombshell on him. Clayton admitted he hit rock bottom following the decisions he made. Now happy with Susie and their relationship going strong, he thinks he can take responsibility for his actions.

Clayton Echard Had A Long Journey

Clayton Echard told People it was a whirlwind from on top of the world to absolute rock bottom. He said, “6 months prior, I was standing outside as the first limo pulled up and kept thinking to myself how I was so lucky to be in this position as The Bachelor. 6 months later, I was staring out this window wondering how much worse things could get.”

Clayton Echard, Instagram
Clayton Echard, Instagram

Clayton said Susie took the picture below right before they were going on After the Final Rose. Susie has said the show helped them meet in secret and be together. She’s asked fans to just support them now that they are starting their lives together. They love sharing their relationship on social media, especially TikTok.

He said he now knows that he was too busy trying to defend himself to take responsibility for the hurt he caused. Echard said, “Being out of the spotlight, I’ve had the ability to see what I couldn’t see before.”

He Wanted To Thank Those That Had Been There

Clayton Echard said he thinks he’s learned his lesson and now sees how he hurt people. When he stopped trying to explain it, he was able to accept responsibility. He admitted he’s a “work in progress,” and said, “perfection is impossible to obtain.” He drew criticism for the actions in his last couple of episodes, so it would make sense that he had some reflecting to do.

Clayton Echard and Susie, Instagram
Clayton Echard and Susie, Instagram

He will just continue to try to do better and he’s thankful for those who supported him all along. Echard said, “without you all and your support and constructive criticism, I would still be focused on defending my character, instead of building upon it.” Clayton is finally at peace with the way things worked out.

Fans are coming around to his and Susie’s relationship. How do you feel about Clayton accepting responsibility? Comment with your thoughts down below. As always, come back to TV Shows Ace for all things Bachelor.

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