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Paedon Brown Being Silenced After Spilling Family Tea?

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Is Paedon Brown being silenced after spilling too much Sister Wives family tea? This is appearing to be the case after he said a little too much during some recent interviews. So, is Paedon’s family trying to keep him quiet after revealing too much? Read on for more details.

Paedon Brown Being Silenced After Spilling Family Tea?

In some of his latest interviews, one with vlogger John Yates, Paedon Brown held nothing back. The only son of Christine and Kody Brown has never been one to censor himself. In the three-hour chat with Yates, he discussed why the Browns moved to Flagstaff out of all places. Rumors had been flying that they moved because Robyn’s eldest son, Dayton had gotten into college in Arizona. Yes, this was very true but it was Robyn who wanted to be with her son. Paedon claimed that Dayton would have been fine without his mom.

Dayton Brown Robyn Brown Instagram

He also said that they moved for his father’s favorite wife. Additionally, Paedon Brown has also alleged that his father’s former first wife, Meri was physically abusive. This is something that a witness confirmed to Katie Koy from @withacrystalball. Years back, Janelle’s daughter, Maddie had claimed Meri was abusive but it was left at that. This might be just too much for Kody and co. to handle because Paedon apparently is suddenly becoming quiet.

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Katie Koy shared on her Instagram a breakdown of all that Paedon has been exposing recently. Yet, she added that he was supposed to be on the podcast Lesbian Speaking and canceled. It was an abrupt cancellation which came as quite a shock so this is raising some eyebrows and questions. Did Paedon Brown’s family get to him? Is Kody so offended by the truth that he is holding something over Paedon to make him stop?

Very Questionable

Paedon Brown is not the type to be silenced by anyone, especially his father. So, this is very unusual. Did his mother, Christine politely ask him to stop for the sake of his siblings and the family? That is entirely possible. His sister, Gwendlyn Brown had launched a Patreon a short time back where she exposed the Brown family secrets. Then, her laptop abruptly stopped working and she had to stop posting for a while.

Gwendlyn Brown/IG

Then, Gwendlyn started to post Sister Wives reaction videos to YouTube which were far tamer. This made fans question if Kody may have gotten to Gwen and asked her to stop what she was doing. Mykelti Padron is now doing a Patreon with her husband but she has a great relationship with her dad and his fourth (and only wife) Robyn. It is unlikely she will say anything negative so she is safe.

Do you think Paedon Brown is being censored by his family? Let us know in the comments below.


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