Mykelti Padron Reveals New Business Venture, What Is It?

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Mykelti Padron and her husband, Tony are embarking on a new venture. She broke the news via her Instagram stories and they are beyond excited. So, what exactly is she up to aside from occasionally participating in the family Plexus business? Read on for more details.

Mykelti Padron Reveals New Business Venture, What Is It?

The Brown children have no problem with the hustle. They have seemingly learned this from their mothers, mainly Janelle and Christine. Maddie Brush works with her mother, Janelle, and her former sister wife, Christine to promote Plexus. This has brought them great success and reignited their passion for wellness. Christine’s daughter, Mykelti Padron was said to have joined the wellness community but then she got pregnant with twin boys.

Mykelti Padron/IG

Suddenly, her focus shifted and she became completely dedicated to building her new life and expanding her family. The twins arrived nearly two months ago and now, Mykelti and her husband are ready for a new venture. In her Instagram stories, she made a big announcement. The two have joined Patreon much like Mykelti’s younger sister, Gwendlyn. She has been immensely successful doing Sister Wives recaps which can now be seen on YouTube.

Similarly, Mykelti and Tony will be recapping episodes but they will also be sharing what life is like as parents of three under three. More so, it will be all-encompassing, something for everyone. Fans will get their SW fix while parents will be able to relate to the parental balancing act. They will also be able to see some stay-at-home income from all of this. Finally, the couple has set their prices fairly reasonably starting at $3.99 for the most basic package. The highest package is $9.99 and includes voting power and fan requests.

Can It Work?

Fans really like Tony a lot and they think Mykelti Padron is really sweet. However, viewers come to Patreon to get the dish and dirt on the Brown family. That was what they loved about Gwendlyn’s initial videos until her laptop had issues and then she took some time off. Unfortunately, when she returned, her videos were much more dialed down and less harsh which did not bode well. As for Mykelti, she has a great relationship with her mother as well as her father and his fourth wife, Robyn.

Therefore, it is highly unlikely that she will have a lot of tea that she is willing to spill. Yet, super fans may be willing to subscribe initially just to see what she might reveal. Tony may be more forthcoming as he had not always had the best relationship with Kody so this will be an interesting venture.

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