Robyn Brown Spotted Christmas Shopping With Mykelti Padron

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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown was recently spotted Christmas shopping with Mykelti Padron. While Robyn’s relationship isn’t great with other Brown children, she shares a close one with Mykelti. The sighting was confirmed on an online forum by a fan that happened to be at the same store as the TLC stars. Keep reading to find out more!

Why Are Robyn Brown & Mykelti Padron So Close?

Christine and Janelle’s kids have never been close to Robyn. However, Mykelti shares a history with Robyn that has kept them bonded, even after Christine is no longer a part of the family. Back when Mykelti was 13 years old, Robyn asked her for help with her young ones. Although fans feel that she was basically a free live-in nanny, they do share a special bond.

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When Mykelti first gave birth to Avalon, she wanted Robyn by her side. However, she couldn’t make it due to COVID and hence was there with her via video call. Talking about her relationship with Mykelti, Robyn said, “I adore Mykelti. She came to live with me before I married Kody. And so we have a really close bond. Robyn and Mykelti have a very, very special bond.”

Is Mykelti’s Love For Robyn Brown A Ploy?

Even when she recently gave birth to her twins, Robyn was at the hospital alongside Christine. However, fans feel Mykelti’s love for Robyn is just a ploy to stay close to her father. They feel that the mother of three is aware of Kody’s favoritism for Robyn and doesn’t want to get on his bad side like other Brown kids.

Even after Christine decided to leave Kody, Mykelti met with Robyn and her father to assure them that their relationship won’t experience similar fallout. The 26-year-old didn’t take sides and said, “You’re still Mom, Robyn.”

“And Grandma,” agreed her husband, Tony Padron.

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On Reddit, fans discussed this relationship and Robyn and Mykelti’s latest Christmas shopping spree. The OP shared a screenshot of her chat with her husband who was at the same store as the reality stars. The texts confirmed that they were shopping with Mykelti’s twin boys.

They captioned the quote, “My husband is Christmas shopping at a sporting goods store in the suburbs of Salt Lake City and he saw Robyn with Mykelti each holding a twin baby! They are there right now, I’m so jealous! I’m shocked Robyn came to Utah, she and Mykelti must be really close.”

Another fan alleged, “Robyn has a shopping addiction and loves to spend Meri’s money so perhaps Mykelti is using her for baby items for the twins. (At least that’s what I’m choosing to believe).”

Christine Brown Is Mature About Mykelti & Robyn

However, many fans were disappointed and surprised at Mykelti’s relationship with Robyn after the way her mother was treated and called a liar.

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“Christine is being incredibly mature and gracious about it, that’s for damn sure. All I know is, if someone dragged my mother like that on TV for the world to see, they’d be dead to me,” claimed a third fan.

What do you think of Mykelti and Robyn shopping together? Do you think Mykelti should be more conscious of her mother’s feelings? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I have never seen a worst man than Kody, what a looser ! He behaves more like a girl than any of his wives. He’s a free loader let’s see what he and Robin do when the income from the two wives is gone. Mari should leave as well before they empty her finances as well. Robin bought a home with Mari’s money and Meri lives on a rental !

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