Is Mykelti Padron’s Love For Robyn Brown Just A Ploy?

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Sister Wives fans were surprised when they saw that Mykelti Padron actually has a good relationship with Robyn despite what happened with her mother Christine. Although on screen, it might seem like a perfect relationship, fans feel it’s a ploy to get Kody’s approval. By now, it is an unwritten truth that Kody Brown has categorically ignored his older kids while favoring his favorite ones with Robyn. Does Mykelti really seek Kody’s approval and love? Is her love for Robyn a means to get close to her father? Keep reading to find out the details!

Mykelti Padron Wanted Robyn Brown At Her First Birth

When Mykelti gave birth to her twins, apart from her mother, Robyn was also by her side. The 26-year-old loved the fact that her babies helped unify the family, if not for long, at least for the moment. Christine even revealed that Mykelti specifically wanted Robyn at the birth of her first child, much more than Janelle or Meri. Although Robyn couldn’t physically attend the first birth due to COVID, she did so via video call.

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Although this might seem particularly surprising, Mykelti and Robyn do share a history together. When she was 13, Mykelti actually lived with Robyn like a built-in nanny. Fans feel that Robyn just used her to babysit the kids while Mykelti presumed it to be love for her. Mykelti was a great and essentially free help to Robyn especially because she needed to take care of Dayton who suffers from Aspergers.

Fans Puzzled At Mykelti Padron’s Love For Robyn

Fans discussed her relationship with Robyn on Reddit, explaining how it is mostly about her father. One wrote, “I don’t understand Mykelti’s love of Robyn at all. She just had her at the twins’ birth in the hospital while Christine was there too.”

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Another explained, “Mykelti knows Robyn’s favorite and she desperately wants her dad’s approval and love. Growing up she was the challenging girl, the oddball, Madi and Leon were the special ones (Janelle and Meri’s kids), and Aspyn was the responsible one who did all the work (mini Christine so Kody I think brushed her aside except when he needed her help) and Mykelti (also Christine’s) he didn’t give much attention too and he thought she was “weird” (because she was Christine’s kid).”

Will Robyn And Kody Use Mykelti For Info On Christine?

They further explained how Mykelti has always craved Kody’s love, so she jumped at the chance to help Robyn and butter up to her to get that from Kody. While Mykelti just wishes for acceptance and love from her father, fans think Robyn and Kody might use her to get information about Christine when needed.

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Do you think Mykelti really loves Robyn or does she seek her father’s approval and love? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. They took this young girl and put her to work as a live in nanny and/or s̶l̶a̶v̶e̶ maid. It would not be too far fetched to think that Mykelti was possibly brainwashed into obligatory servitude. It seems like a Stockholm Syndrome situation to me. I’m NO psychologist so I’m just speculating my opinion.

    1. I believe Mykelti is sincere. She’s very loving and real, if Robyn and Kody had other agendas, that’s on them, but I don’t think Mykelti has a phony bone in her body.

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