Mykelti Padron Gushes On Her ‘Amazingly Adorable‘ Children

Mykelti Padron/Instagram

Mykelti Padron from Sister Wives has been overwhelmed with joy over her children. Back in November, she and her husband, Tony Padron welcomed twins. The couple was overwhelmed with love to welcome their boys, Ace and Archer. When they announced the pregnancy, Mykelti just knew that they would come early and she was right! Now it looks as if they can’t stop sharing photos of them with their fans on social media.

Welcoming the Twins to The World

When Mykelti and Tony made the announcement that they were having twins, they were shocked yet very happy. Her mother, Christine Brown seemed more shocked than anyone else. Christine knew that they would need extra help though. Christine and Asypn Brown have both been helping with the twins. This has helped Mykelti and Tony greatly! Christine has commented multiple times that Mykelti Padron is a wonderful mother and even told fans she was better at it than her! The couple is still trying to navigate life with three children, but it seems as if their youngest daughter, Avalon is a great big sister!

Mykelti Padron- Instagram
Mykelti Padron-Instagram

Tony and Mykelti knew that their lives were about to change for the better, but with twins, it can be hard work. They have shared with their fans that being parents is rewarding to them. However, when fans asked them if they would have more children, they stood firm with their answer. Mykelti said that their family is now complete and they do not want any more children.

Mykelti Padron’s Amazingly Adorable Family

Just this past weekend, Mykelti wanted to share some Instagram love with her fans. She shared some cute pictures of her children. She captioned the pictures, “I’ve got some amazingly adorable children.” Her fans told her just how beautiful her children are and applauded her on her family. There were also some fans that told her that she seems like a wonderful mother too.

In some of her recent posts, Mykelti Padron has had to deal with some trolls who feel that she needs to cover herself up when breastfeeding. She felt that it was sad that these trolls told her to breastfeed in private. She wrote, “Honestly, I don’t think it’s okay to ask breastfeeding mamas to ‘put it away’ because EVERYONE eats in public. You wouldn’t think twice about asking an adult to go to the bathroom to eat their food, right? You eat whatever you want, wherever you want. My kids are going to do the same.”

Mykelti Padron- Instagram
Mykelti Padron- Instagram

Fans of Sister Wives haven’t seen Mykelti too much on Sister Wives since she and Tony left the show. They make guest appearances here and there. Mykelti continues to stand by her mother, Christine no matter what has happened with Kody Brown. The Padrons are very happy with their adorable family and fans want more!

Stay tuned to TvShows Ace to see more of Mykelti and her family.

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