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‘Sister Wives’ Christine’s Son Paedon Brown Exposed Himself

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Paedon Brown, son of Christine and Kody, took to TikTok recently to realize he made a huge mistake. As fans know, Paedon was successful in getting his newly single mother to join TikTok. More recently, he’s also been successful in getting his second mother, Janelle, to join TikTok as well. Like Christine, Paedon made a video of himself with Janelle introducing her to TikTok. The same video was also uploaded to Janelle’s profile as her very first video.

Watching Janelle and Paedon interact was a bit comical for fans as Janelle called attention to how awkward recording with him was because of how he towered over her. As fans know, Paedon is actually the tallest of the Brown children with Ysabel not far behind him. Fans often wonder where the towering height comes from as neither Kody nor Christine are particularly tall.

Christine Brown and Paedon Brown from Instagram

Paedon and Janelle warn of imposters

In getting on TikTok, Janelle Brown realized there were already a lot of accounts claiming to be her. The two tagged her account in the caption and made it a point to tell fans this was her only account. So, they should ignore any other TikTok accounts claiming to be her because they were imposters.

Paedon Brown realizes he messed up

After introducing Janelle Brown to TikTok, Paedon uploaded another video admitting that he may have made a mistake. In the video, he appeared to be exiting Walmart and walking through the parking lot to his vehicle. In a humorous tone that he often spoke with in his videos on TikTok, he realized that having both his mother and his second mother on TikTok was a mistake. Paedon Brown explained that having both Janelle and Christine on TikTok might limit some of the things he feels open and free to talk about. He added that it also meant there were some people he would no longer be able to trash talk. Paedon felt a bit of anxiety as he pointed out that both Janelle and Christine follow him. So, they would see anything he posted on his profile.

Paedon Brown - TikTok
Paedon Brown – TikTok

In the comments, Sister Wives fans admitted they didn’t think Janelle or Christine would care too much about what he posted on his profile. Some fans pointed out they would probably be too busy to see his videos. Moreover, fans noted he could also block them if he was really that worried about it. There were also some fans who suspected this was probably something a lot of adult children belonging to the family wondered about as they posted things on social media and opened up about their family.

Do you think Christine and Janelle being on TikTok will change the way Paedon posts content? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. shame on Robyn for allowing her husband kody to be disrespectful to her Daughter and family. she has no respect for herself and her children. kody intentions are to get into her daughters pants. how low is that. what a worthless Mother. Thats what being a mormon is all about.

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