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Meri Brown: History Of Abuse Validated By Paedon?

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Does Meri Brown have a history of being abusive toward the children? This is what Christine and Kody’s son, Paedon is alleging. However, it seems that he is not the only one who is telling this story. There may have also been witnesses to her vicious ways. So, what kept this from coming out for all of these years? Read on for more details.

Meri Brown: History Of Abuse Validated By Paedon?

In the past, it had come out that Janelle’s daughter, Maddie did not get along with Meri Brown. She had somewhat of a rough relationship with Kody’s first wife. It was really Christine and Janelle’s children who were the closest. Yet, that was all the kids really said about Meri as they weren’t allowed to talk about her. In a recent YouTube video, Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn noted that she really likes Meri and that they have a great relationship. Unfortunately, Christine’s only son is spilling a different side.

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Katie Joy from @withoutacrystalball recalled how Paedon opened up about Meri Brown being abusive. He alleged that it was not just verbal but physical, as well. More so, if the viewers actually had knowledge of what had transpired, the show would have been canceled long ago. This does not stop with Paedon as there were witnesses to what had happened. Apparently, Kimber Carter claimed that she saw stuff go down while in Big Bear. Fans may recall the family vacationed there in 2011.

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“I heard yelling then saw Meri windmilling (hitting the kids) the kids. Cussing and chaos. Then the other parents were all yelling. And my coworker said that’s the sister wives cast. There were some TLC cameras but someone was pushing them back like don’t film this. The building they are up against is a lot between the arcade and the jack n box. Like an ally parking lot,” Carter told Katie Joy.

An Unsafe Friend

When Christine Brown was asked during the tell-all what happened between her and Meri Brown, she was honest. She explained that she had to end their friendship for her safety. The mother of six went on to note that Meri had a habit of mocking Christine in front of family which was hard to handle. Though they did have fun together, this became unacceptable. This is not unfounded as Janelle noted that Meri used to mock her at the beginning of her marriage to Kody.

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Sister Wives- TLC

Meri Brown has long been scrutinized for sticking around in a loveless and intimacy-free marriage for way too long. Finally, in the Season 17 tell-all, she shared that she had left the marriage. A few days later, she and Kody issued an official statement. Around the same time, Meri Brown talked about taking her power back which Katie Joy addressed. She inquired if that meant hurting kids. Only time will tell.

Do you believe the allegations about Meri Brown or is Paedon just trying to stir up drama? Let us know in the comments below.



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