Paedon Brown: The Family Got ‘Uprooted For Dad’s Favorite Wife’

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Paedon Brown is breaking his silence as to why the family moved to Flagstaff. Though many believed it had to do with Kody and Robyn’s son, Dayton, Paedon is shutting that down. He is explaining the exact reason why the Browns uprooted their lives from Las Vegas to Flagstaff. Of course, it all boils down to one person- his dad’s favorite wife. Read on for more details.

Paedon Brown: The Family Got ‘Uprooted For Dad’s Favorite Wife’

There was no real reason why the Browns would leave Las Vegas for Flagstaff. Paedon Brown acknowledged this while speaking with vlogger John Yates. He let him know that, though his father, Kody, gets the seven-year itch to move, Arizona was never on the radar. The only places that the family was considering were Utah and Wyoming. Paedon’s mother, Christine was absolutely against Wyoming but they did have family in both places.

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Then Dayton was accepted into NAU, a school in Arizona and suddenly, Flagstaff came into the conversation. Paedon Brown noted that it was not Dayton who wanted his family to come with him at all. He was eighteen and ready to head to college and be a free man. However, it was his mother, Robyn who was all for them moving there so she could be closer to her son. Suddenly, they were all headed to Flagstaff where they had no family and no real purpose.

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In a TikTok posted by @aprille_not_april, Paedon explains the move was all to please Robyn. He specified that they did not get uprooted for Dayton. Rather, he says: “we got uprooted for dad’s favorite wife.” Paedon went on to add that if “Robyn knew how to clip an umbilical cord, Dayton would’ve been free.” He does give credit to Robyn for trying to be a good mother but knows that this move never would have happened had she not been around.

The Favorite Wife

It is no secret that Robyn is Kody’s favorite wife. Paedon Brown’s mother, Christine was the first to really call it out on Sister Wives right after she told Kody she was leaving him. Kody’s second wife, Janelle piggybacked the sentiment as she knew he favored Robyn. In the past, the kids have noticed the favoritism that Kody has shown toward Robyn and her children. It has been uncomfortable but Kody still won’t acknowledge this.

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During the tell-all, Kody was asked if Robyn was his favorite wife and how he felt about those comments. He refused to really answer anything about his fourth and last remaining wife. Now, Paedon Brown has been completely open as to why the family moved and took all of the blame off of his brother and put it right where it belongs.

What do you think of Paedon Brown calling Robyn out as Kody’s favorite wife and the reason why they moved to Flagstaff? Let us know in the comments below.

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