‘Today’: Al Roker Calls Out Audio Guy Joey On Silly Blunder

Al Roker YouTube The Today Show

Today show weathercaster Al Roker called out audio guy Joey Leible on a silly blunder on the set. The 68-year-old returned to the show last week and received a grand welcome from his colleagues at Studio 1A. Now, it seems like the fan-favorite weatherman is back to his witty self. So, what was this blunder that happened on the Today show? Keep reading to find out the details!

Al Roker Feels Audio Folks Should Be Heard, Not Seen

On Tuesday, the broadcast journalist quipped about a fun moment on the set as he shared a picture on Instagram. Talking about the show’s audio man, he insisted that he should be off-camera and not on-camera. In the picture, Al Roker took a seat next to Sheinelle Jones, Dylan Dreyer, and Craig Melvin. Joey stood behind him as he looked at the weather forecaster with a big smile on his face. His emotions were reciprocated by other hosts who were laughing out loud at the silly situation.


Al Roker YouTube The Today Show

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Al Roker captioned the picture, “When your audio guy, Joey Leible, finagles himself an on-camera appearance. Doesn’t he know audio folks should be heard and not seen?”

Deborah Roberts Laughs At Al Roker’s Silly Situation

The post also received a reply from Al Roker’s wife, Deborah Roberts who simply posted some laughing emojis. One fan wrote, “Better be nice… you may go silent.”

Another welcomed the weatherman stating, “Welcome back to the Star of the Today show.”

“How great! The behind-the-scenes people should be shown more often,” added a third fan.

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[Source: Instagram]

A fourth quipped, “He’s cute Al. Let him be great for 6 seconds.”

Al Roker seems all happy and healthy now. However, he has been through a terrifying few months. Recently, the Today weather reporter discussed with People his harrowing health crisis. He also mentioned how his kids and beloved wife Deborah supported him through this hardship.

Al Roker Bled Due To Perforation In The Small Intestine

Al detailed how the blood clots scared him. Upon learning of his diagnosis, he immediately admitted himself to the Weill Cornell Medical Center located in New York City on November 11, 2022. As doctors attempted to treat the blood clots with anticoagulants, they discovered that he was actually bleeding internally. Although he was deemed clinically stable and sent home for Thanksgiving, he was taken back to the hospital again the very next day.

Al Roker YouTube The Today Show

[Source: YouTube]

He complained of dizziness and showed fresh new signs of bleeding. After countless CT scans, tests, and MRIs, doctors couldn’t tap into the cause of the internal bleeding. His medical team decided to perform surgery to find out the definitive cause of the bleeding. And, as it turned out, the bleeding was due to a perforation in the duodenum in the first part of the small intestine.

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