Al Roker Enjoys Spontaneous Photo Shoot With Fans

Al Roker YouTube The Today Show

Today show’s favorite weathercaster Al Roker enjoyed a spontaneous photo shoot with fans as he is recovering fast from his health crisis. The 68-year-old returned to Studio 1A last week and received a grand welcome from his fans and colleagues. The show’s fans also praised the journalist for his spectacular progress after hospitalization due to blood clots. So, how did this spontaneous photo shoot with fans happen? Keep reading to find out the details!

Today Weathercaster Al Roker Fist Bumps His Fans

After the Today show weatherman returned to the show, he greeted his fans at the plaza. On Wednesday, Al Roker posted several pictures of himself with fans outside Studio 1A. He captioned the post, “When you come on down to our @todayshow plaza, you never know if you’ll be captured by @photonate.”

Al Roker YouTube The Today Show

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In the first picture, the NBC journalist was seen fist-bumping his fans as others clicked pictures of him. The next pictures showed him talking to the crowd members as he fist-bumped them. The crowd smiled as their beloved meteorologist made his way to them. One fan even snapped a selfie with the Today anchor. Al Roker also smiled from ear to ear as he finally returned to the morning show after staying away for two months.

As per The Sun, he wore a gray and white striped suit with a flower attacked to the pocket. Also, he added a purple tie and pocket square, along with a dark gray scarf and his regular gray hat to complete the look.

Al Roker’s Fans Commend Him On An Incredible Progress

Al Roker’s fans were very excited to see Al’s return to the show. Moreover, they were particularly excited to note the progress made by him in terms of health.

On his Instagram post, he received several compliments as one wrote, “You look great, Al.”

“So very glad your back and feeling better, “added another.

Al Roker YouTube The Today Show

[Source: YouTube]

A third praised, “You look so good, Al!! We all Love you!!”

“You never looked better,” commended a fourth fan.

A fifth admired, “You have made incredible progress. So So happy to see you out there again!”

Al Roker’s Internist Suspected An Intestinal Infection

Al Roker was absent from the NBC show since the start of November. For the initial few weeks, fans were unaware of his whereabouts and worried for him. However, he later updated fans confirming that he was hospitalized due to blood clots in his lungs and legs.

Al Roker YouTube The Today Show

[Source: YouTube]

In an interview, the weathercaster recalled that he felt out of breath and felt his heart racing as he climbed the stairs at his home. Al Roker’s internist even suspected that he was dealing with an intestinal infection due to intense pain. However, imaging later revealed that he had blood clots which most likely was a result of his previous COVID-19 infection.

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