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‘Today’ Craig Melvin Labels Dylan Dreyer A Hot Mess, Why?


Today show host Craig Melvin labeled his co-host Dylan Dreyer a hot mess after she revealed an embarrassing secret. The 41-year-old was playfully mocked by her co-hosts over her behavior at parties. Moreover, the popular weathercaster also detailed that she gets anxious. What is she anxious about? Keep reading to find out the details!

Dylan Dreyer Reveals She Gets Stomach Ache Before Parties

On Thursday, Dylan Dreyer hosted the talk show alongside her co-hosts Craig Melvin and Sheinelle Jones when she admitted that she gets a lot of anxiety if she has to host a party. In the segment, she explained, “I do get a lot of anxiety when I host a party. I get like, a stomach ache and you know, social anxiety. But I get that when I got to a party anyway.”

Craig immediately jumped in and declared, “So you’re a bit of a hot mess?”

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Sheinelle, who took a seat next to Craig, couldn’t resist and took part in the playful mockery of her co-host. She teased and even tried an impression of Dylan Dreyer before a party. She imitated Dylan acting all nervous as she said, “She’s like, “I love throwing a party. And then I get sweaty and clammy and my stomach hurts… so great! I get to cook and make plates and put Post-it notes.’”

Cracking up at the impression, Craig added, “Here’s what else she’ll do. She’ll complain about it at work, before and after the party.”

Today Fans Feel Bad For Dylan Dreyer

Although the NBC presenter took the comments from her co-hosts on a positive note and laughed along, her fans were quick to defend her on Instagram.

One wrote, “Love these three, but feel bad if she’s trying to express her legitimate anxiety and she gets made fun of.”

“Not happy they made fun of her anxiety,” added another.

Although Dylan Dreyer might detest social gatherings, that didn’t stop the weathercaster from hosting a grand birthday party for her son Cal. Earlier this month as reported by The Sun, she organized a party for her son at a bowling alley. She also shared a picture of herself with her husband Brian Fichera and their three sons from the party venue.

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She captioned the picture, “Pure chaotic joy at Cal’s birthday party. Let birthday week begin!”

Dylan’s Sons Get Hospitalized Due To Respiratory Virus

While it has all been fun and games lately for the host, she dealt with a health scare in October involving her children. The author revealed that her kids Oliver and Russell were rushed to the hospital due to a terrifying respiratory virus.

Dylan Dreyer YouTube Today

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The mother of three revealed that she felt helpless about it. She also explained that she thinks it was her eldest son, Calvin, who first caught the virus and passed it to the younger ones. She explained how harrowing the experience was given how her kids share a room.

What do you think of Dylan Dreyer’s latest confession about parties? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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