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‘Today’ Fans Disturbed By Latest Pic Dylan Dreyer Shared

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Today co-anchor Dylan Dreyer’s “chaotic joy” angers fans. She took to Instagram to share a photo of herself during a night out with her family. Dylan cleverly called it “chaotic joy,” to which fans responded in anger. They noticed a frustrating detail in that post. Keep on reading for more details and see that photo for yourself.

Dylan Dreyer shares a family-friendly night out

The Today co-anchor recently posted a new photo on her Instagram feed. She went to the bowling alley with her husband Brian Fichera and their three sons at the bowling alley. Dylan Dreyer posed in between them with her youngest Russell, one, in a sling wrapped around her neck as she carried Oliver, two, on her hip.

Dylan Dreyer Hangs Out With Her Sons [Dylan Dreyer | Instagram]
[Dylan Dreyer | Instagram]
Brian stood next to her with their oldest son Calvin, five, in the front. All of them posed for the camera and smiled. Dylan shared they were celebrating Calvin’s birthday. She wrote in the caption: “Pure chaotic joy at Cal’s birthday party. Let birthday week begin!”

Dylan Dreyer With Husband & Sons [Dylan Dreyer | Instagram]
[Dylan Dreyer | Instagram]

Gets immediate backlash from Today fans

Today Show fans were concerned about Dylan Dreyer’s Instagram photo. They noticed an unsettling detail in which she was holding most of their children. Fans rushed to the comment section to call out her husband. They wanted to know why Brian couldn’t hold Oliver.

  • “Why are you carrying two kiddos?”
  • “Ok Brian, why are you letting Dylan carry Oliver…slacking again.”

Fans have noticed in previous posts that Dylan would end up carrying their kids. Some feel that their husband is slacking when it comes to their daddy duties. They would like to see her get some more help. As you can see, fans are concerned about Dylan’s back.

Dylan Dreyer’s scary nightmare

In fact, this is every parent’s nightmare right now. Dylan Dreyer previously revealed that both Russell and Oliver were rushed to the hospital with the respiratory virus that’s going around the country. She felt “helpless” when her sons ended up in the ER in October.

Dylan Dreyer explained that she thinks Calvin first caught the virus and passed it on to Oliver, who passed it on to Russell. In an interview with People, she shared what it was like to have all three sons sharing a hospital room.

“One kid coughing wakes up another kid. Everybody was sort of awake and not sleeping,” Dylan Dreyer explained to People. “Because it’s a virus, there’s not much you can do about it. You just have to go through the motions for a few days, and it’s so sad. You just feel so bad for him and it just feels so helpless.”

She is focused on family right now. Dylan just released a new children’s book. She’s also embarking on the MSC Seascape-sponsored cruise with her family, which will air on the Today Show in 2023. This comes after their trip to Italy this past summer.

What are your thoughts on Dylan Dreyer’s “chaotic joy” angering fans? Do you agree that she shouldn’t carry all the kids? Have you noticed that Brian doesn’t help? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Honestly why are people so f’n critical!
    Some people have to find fault with everything! It’s a BIG HAPPY FAMILY!
    I’m so sick of all the bad air out there. Be happy for them! Who cares who’s got who! Wasn’t COVID miserable enough! I enjoy seeing the family no matter which way they are. Be happy!

  2. My only comment is….wondering why she isn’t more concerned about putting her kids in view at all. Perhaps she should be more protective of them ….it is too naive to think that children of public figures aren’t targeted.

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