Deborah Roberts Feels Sad Saying Goodbye To The Sparkle

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Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts admitted to feeling sad as she said goodbye to the sparkle. As the holiday season is over and she recently got back to work, the ABC journalist admitted to feeling let down. The 62-year-old bid adieu to the holiday cheer and left the hardships of 2022 in the rearview mirror. Why is Deborah Roberts sad? Keep reading to find out the details!

Deborah Roberts & Al Roker Bid Adieu To The Holidays

Deborah’s return to GMA comes just days after her husband returned to the rival Today show. The weathercaster had been absent from the show since the start of November 2022 while his wife took care of him. Now, the ABC journalist is wrapping up the holiday festivities and took to Instagram to update fans.

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In an Instagram post with a series of pictures from her house, she shared, “Well that’s a wrap. Holiday cheer from 2022 in the rear-view mirror along with so much else. Still, I always feel a bit sad taking down the sparkle. Anyone else? #holiday letdown.”

Fans Feel Deborah’s Living Room Lost Its Coziness

Deborah Roberts shared a before and after picture of the space in her home where her Christmas tree was standing. In the first picture, the tree had lights that were shining brightly while the second post showed an empty corner in the same spot in the living room. Fans flocked to the comments section and revealed that they too have taken down the Christmas decorations. However, some admitted that they missed their tree and the sparkle it radiated.

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One fan said, “All my décor is boxed up, but I kept the tree up because the lights make me happy in dreary January.”

Another commented, “I just said that to my husband yesterday. I miss the tree lights.”

More so, a third fan revealed that they took down their decorations in stages which makes the process a bit easier. A fourth fan posted a poster suggesting that the living room had lost its charm and coziness while Deborah Roberts agreed with the same.

Al Roker Enjoys His Favorite Sub Sandwich

While Al Roker has been struggling to gain weight after his health crisis, he recently received a delicious surprise from his favorite sub shop. It was a gift from New York-based Oswego Sub Shop. The kit contained a fully-loaded sandwich with lettuce, meats, and other fixings.

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The weathercaster shared a snap of himself holding the sub sandwich with all these ingredients as he displayed a huge smile. He captioned the post, “My favorite sub shop, #oswegosubshop sent me the fixings to make a few of my favorite subs. I knew Bill Greene, Sr. Better known as ‘Pops,’ he turned it over to Bill, Jr. Thanks, guys. #yummy #hoagie.”

Do you relate to Deborah Roberts feeling sad as the holidays end? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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