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Paedon Brown Spills Why Family Really Moved To Flagstaff

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Paedon Brown is opening up about why his family really moved to Flagstaff. For some time, fans believed that they did this so that Robyn could be closer to her son, Dayton. He was going to be attending college in Arizona and she seemingly did not want to be away from him in any capacity. Yet, would a whole family uproot their somewhat happy lives for one child? Paedon spoke with John Yates and spilled the tea on what really went down.

Paedon Brown Spills Why Family Really Moved To Flagstaff

The Browns have moved a lot since Kody and Meri wed in 1990. Since Sister Wives began airing in 2010, the family has gone from Utah to Vegas and now Flagstaff. However, they seemed to have it made in Vegas with a cul-de-sac and easy access to one another. Plus, the kids all really fit in with their friends. However, in 2018, the decision was made to start looking elsewhere and Arizona came up. As it turned out, Robyn and Kody’s eldest son, Dayton had gotten accepted into college there.

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The one thing to note about Dayton is that he has Asbergers therefore Robyn has been quite protective of him. So much so, she and Kody have been accused of coddling him. Nothing had ever been confirmed about the move but now, Christine and Kody’s very vocal son, Paedon Brown is speaking up. He spoke with vlogger John Yates about why the family moved. It was shared on TikTok by @aprille_not_april. Paedon explained he had already moved to Utah when the Browns were deciding to move.

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He said the choices for Kody and the wives were locations in Utah and Wyoming where they’d be closer to family. Christine was against Wyoming but then, Dayton got accepted to a school in Arizona. No, Paedon Brown won’t guarantee anything as he knows his dad likes to move every 7 years. Yet, he notes that the idea of Flagstaff came out of nowhere. They have no family there and no real connections other than Dayton’s school.

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Paedon Brown went on to add that Dayton getting accepted into NAU is the only logical explanation he can give or find. He also noted that there was a big possibility Robyn played a big part in everything. She likely could not let her son go away without her. However, Paedon cleared the air on it ever being his brother’s fault. He feels that Dayton was ready to leave and spread his wings but it was Robyn who was not okay with this.

Do you think that Paedon Brown is fair in his assessment as to why they moved? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I completely believe him. I also have mad respect for him that he ONLY blames Robin and not poor Dayton. Very mature of him. Others could easily blame the sibling. He seems protective of Dayton in a way Robin, quite honestly, abuses him. My cousin has Asperger’s and they are perfectly capable of going to college, holding jobs, and living alone. My cousin works for Bank of America and has a lux apartment and a girlfriend. Robin is making sure none of that happens for Dayton. That’s abuse to me, making your child think he’s more disabled and “different” than he is to keep control. She won’t always be around to call the shots and is setting that young man up for disaster. Don’t get me started on the anxiety disorders she gave her older daughters. My mom did that to me. She took my teen years away by making me like that as a child. It required years of therapy. Robin is an emotional abuser.

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