Robyn Brown’s Move All In Vain, Dayton Dropped Out Of School?

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Robyn Brown really wanted the family to move to Flagstaff so she could be close to her son Dayton. He had received a scholarship to a school in Arizona and she did not want to be away from him. Unfortunately, it may appear this rushed move was all for nothing.

Robyn Brown Joins The Family, Moves Them Out

Since joining the Brown family, Robyn Brown has moved three times. She was originally living five hours away while Kody was courting her. Yet once they got engaged, it was just too much of a drive for the father of twelve and wife of three especially since one wife was pregnant. Third wife Christine was due with Truely at any moment so him always leaving was difficult. In fact, all of the wives felt his absence since he was on a rotation with them. Once Kody and Robyn got engaged, some of the wives and kids went to get Robyn and move her around the corner from their Utah home. They all lived under one roof and there just was not enough room for another wife plus her three kids from a prior marriage to move in.

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Soon after Kody and Robyn got married, the Browns escaped Utah for Vegas where each wife got their own home. It was a rough start but everyone eventually adapted. By 2018, the idea of moving once again came up, despite owning four perfectly situated homes came up. Flagstaff was perfect for Robyn since her son Dayton had gotten into school there. As many fans have pointed out, she is very much a helicopter mom and needed to be near her son. In the end, the whole family packed up and moved. There was some pushback from kids like Gabe who had established lives in Vegas. It did not seem to matter in the end because Kody demanded the kids do what he said…or what Robyn wanted.

What Happened To Dayton?

Robyn Brown has always been overprotective of Dayton because he has Asperger’s, though never professionally diagnosed. Yet fans have called her out for being overprotective of all of her children to the point of being obsessive. Flagstaff proved to be a disaster for the family as they bought a huge lot of land, Coyote Pass. They have yet to build on it and all four wives ended up living at an extreme distance from one another. This posed a huge issue when the pandemic hit and they could not even quarantine together. Kody struggled with rotating homes because he did not feel everyone was being safe, the kids suffered as did his marriages.

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Interestingly enough, rumors have been flying across Twitter and Reddit that he may not have stayed in school. It could have been a struggle to do remote learning if this is true. According to Dayton’s LinkedIn, he is still an active student at NAU though when it was last updated is uncertain. Either way, if there is a Season 17, maybe more will be revealed about where her children stand in terms of school and such. This move has allowed Janelle to explore RV living and Christine to start living her best life so maybe it was worth it.

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Amanda Lauren


    1. They moved because they had ARM mortgages in Vegas and the payments were about to balloon. It was the only way they could afford the 4 homes. As far as choosing Flagstaff due to Dayton attending NAU, that was confirmed by other family members during interviews. Aurora is currently enrolled there as well.

    2. Are you seriously that d*mb or just that naive??? Of course they moved so Robyn could smother her son! 💯% They fooled no one

  1. There goes cry baby Robin with those crocidile tears so full of it all she cares about is putting her family know matter whom she step on just to be with Kody come on Robin you so full of it the next she sheds those cry baby tears give her ababy bottles that says Shut. The. K up

  2. She and Kody need to sell there
    Property and move away from
    All Kody’s family and live happy ever
    After. Who cares

  3. I bet Meri wishes she never brought Robyn into the family. Robyn is the snake in the grass. Kody is the devil. Am so happy Janelle and Christine finally left. They are going to be so much happier without koday ,meri and robyn.

  4. First Robyn & Kody will have to pay off ALL THE MONEY THEY OWE to all the other sisterwives after, of course, building Robyn a ridiculously large almost $1M “temporary” home near Coyote Pass. Then they should take their 3 grown adult children and their youngsters and go somewhere, with the nanny, of course, where Kody can afford Robyn’s spendy lifestyle. Then he’ll have to come home to cook dinner–unless Square-Head Sobyn Pants is still “too pretty to cook.” In that case she can run up another $32K at Victoria’s Secret.

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