Did Robyn Brown’s Son Dayton Contribute To Christine & Kody’s Split?

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Robyn Brown has been accused of being somewhat of a helicopter mom. She won’t really let her kids live without her by their side. This could be a detriment in the long run. For now, it has allowed them to have their dad 24/7. When it came to the pandemic, they were such rule followers, Kody stayed at Robyn’s almost the entire time. Yet, why did they even move to Flagstaff, to begin with? Was it for Robyn and did it ultimately end Christine and Kody’s marriage?

Robyn Brown Joins The Family As A Single Mom

When Robyn came into the Brown family, she actually lived five hours away. This was clearly too far once Kody proposed especially to maintain a proper rotation amongst the wives. So they all gathered together and moved her around the corner from them as they lived in a single-family home. It was just the right size for the three original wives and their thirteen kids. Actually, when Christine gave birth to Truely, the Browns were starting to outgrow it. They were struggling to figure out where to put her crib to allow for everyone to be somewhat comfortable. It was not just Robyn joining the family as she was bringing her three kids along with her.

Kody Brown/Robyn Brown/YouTube
Kody Brown/Robyn Brown/YouTube

Luckily, when the family escaped Utah for Vegas, each wife got their own home with plenty of room. Robyn ended up having two biological kids with Kody and there was always hope for more. In a sweet twist, Meri divorced Kody as she was his only legal wife. She did this so that he could marry Robyn and adopt her children from her previous marriage. This worked as Aurora, Breanna, and Dayton fit in seamlessly with his other children. Eventually, her oldest child, Dayton got accepted into college in Arizona. As she had mentioned on the show, he has Aspergers, a condition on the autism spectrum. It appeared she wanted to be where he was, even if it meant uprooting the whole family.

Moving At The Wrong Time, Destroying A Family

It was not ideal or the family to move as many of the teen kids had a lot going on in Vegas. Furthermore, they bought a lot of land that would take forever to build on. Yet Robyn Brown was super stressed over the idea of not being near Dayton. It was a great opportunity as he got a full ride to school but did she have to follow? In 2020, fans took to Twitter to express their feelings about Robyn and the moving situation. “Kody: We need to move to save money and sell the homes. TRANSLATION: We’re moving b/c Dayton got into college there & Robyn’s vagina has demanded we move. Also, It’s MORE expensive and I’m not working so of course Robyn will need a mansion. FOLLOW WHERE I LEAD.” It was a messy situation but became messier when it came to his relationships with his wives.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

For the first time, all of the wives lived extremely far apart and communication was already suffering. Then, within two years, the pandemic hit. Kody maintained he would be the one to rotate but he did not like the way the other wives, aside from Robyn, chose to live. He saw a strain with Christine who kept living her best, but safe life. Kody rarely came around with her kids seeing him showing favoritism to one wife and family. She started to crave happiness she just was not getting and then he took away the intimacy. Had they not uprooted their lives based on Robyn’s need to be close to Dayton, who knows if Christine and Kody could have worked things out.

Do you think the move wrecked the marriage and, if so, is Robyn to blame? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Robyn did make a comment that Kody preferred to save money but she preferred a better quality of life even if it was more money. Robyn is happy with her million dollar home and doesn’t have anything to say about Janelle living in a trailer. Kody making the other wives move was a way to cut ties with them financial. Robyn said she wasn’t married to Kody’s other wives and didn’t want the financial hassle.

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