Robyn & Kody Brown Ripped For Crippling Dayton’s Future

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Sister Wives fans feel Robyn and Kody Brown have crippled Dayton’s future. The 22-year-old is the oldest child of Robyn with her ex-husband, David Jessop who had been an absent father. After Robyn divorced David and legally married Kody, he then adopted Robyn’s three kids. Dayton was diagnosed with Asperger’s after which Robyn has always coddled him and fans feel like this is a disservice to the young one’s actual potential. What do fans feel? Keep reading to find out the details!

Are Robyn & Kody Brown Over-Parenting Dayton?

Asperger’s is a type of autism that involves issues such as difficulty with social interactions, restricted interests, hypersensitivity, anxiety, depression, and many more. However, individuals diagnosed with Asperger’s can also have remarkable persistence and focus, aptitude for recognizing patterns, and attention to detail. So, Kody and Robyn overindulging in babying Dayton just might have crippled his future, making him highly dependent.

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On Reddit, fans discussed how Dayton has been mollycoddled by his parents. The OP discussed how his son who is 28 was diagnosed with Aspergers and they have never coddled him.

They wrote, “I feel that Kotex and Sobyn constantly ignore what he’s doing/acting instead of redirecting or explaining. This makes it very hard on siblings. I wouldn’t say anyone is really bullying Dayton (So far im rewatching on S3). Telling him to go away or chill isn’t bullying. The kids are trying so hard to be patient.”

Fans Feel Robyn’s Coddling Is A Disservice To Dayton

The OP further describes how Dayton can and will be a productive human who doesn’t need his mother’s hand-holding. They further explained how friends can be better teachers to someone with Asperger’s as opposed to their parents or a dedicated teacher.

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“Siblings pick on each other get pissed and love. If anything Sobyn called it bullying to separate everyone and it was a way to keep her kids from loving or liking anyone else. People with Asperger’s are generally extremely intelligent,” they explained.

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Agreeing with the OP, one Reddit user responded, and said, “Thank you for this post. As a fellow late 20s with Asperger’s whose mother didn’t let it hold me back I am now independent and have my own career.”

“I honestly think Kody’s resistance to accepting that Dayton is on the spectrum and Robyn’s coddling is doing him a disservice. But then maybe they plan on having him live at home forever,” wrote a second Sister Wives fan.

Sister Wives’ Flagstaff Move Was Really For Dayton?

Fans also feel Robyn and Kody have failed to support their son’s transition into adulthood. They also feel that the big relocation of the entire family to Flagstaff was Robyn’s attempt to stay closer to Dayton who was enrolled in a Flagstaff college as well. They continually support Dayton living at home instead of encouraging their son’s independence.

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Do you think Robyn and Kody Brown have set Dayton to be dependent on them for his entire life? Sound off in the comments and do not forget to watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.

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