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Are Robyn & Kody Brown Hiding Dayton From TLC Cameras?

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Robyn and Kody Brown have no problem airing their dirty laundry on television. They also do not mind showing off their youngest children. However, one person who has been missing from Season 17 of Sister Wives is their eldest son, Dayton. They have faced a lot of criticism for coddling him in the past. Furthermore, Robyn has faced criticism for her parenting style with all of her children. She is somewhat of a helicopter parent. Yet, have the parents of five been hiding Dayton from the TLC cameras this year?

Are Robyn & Kody Brown Hiding Dayton From TLC’s Cameras?

Robyn and Kody have been criticized for coddling Dayton. He is Robyn’s eldest child from her first marriage to her husband, David Jessop. Dayton has been diagnosed with Aspergers however fans feel that Robyn has not let him do things for himself. It has also been suggested that the move to Flagstaff was prompted by Dayton attending school in Arizona. So, Robyn needed to be near him. There have been 10 episodes this season and it looks as if he has only been a part of one.

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Dayton was briefly seen in the episode where Christine threw Ysabel a graduation/birthday party. The whole family gathered to celebrate Ysabel so Dayton can be seen carrying in packages with Robyn. Other than that, he was not there when his little brother and sister arrived home from their first day of school. It was a big moment as Solomon had not been in a classroom for a year. Plus, it was Ariella’s first day of kindergarten.

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Both of his younger sisters, Aurora and Breanna were waiting for their siblings. They were also there to tour (and insult) Janelle’s new RV. Yet, Dayton has been missing. Have Robyn and Kody been doing this on purpose or is he just really busy? Are they avoiding more critiques and backlash if Dayton were to do or say something they do not approve of? Maybe he just does not want to be on reality TV anymore.

Telling Dayton To Buy A Desk

When the series was in its early days, Dayton had been given money for his birthday. Kody Brown was all pumped for him and Dayton said that he could get the video game system he wanted. Rather than indulge him, Robyn told him to buy a new desk or something essential for his bedroom. He was young at the time and fans felt this was completely unnecessary. However, they have also felt that Robyn hovers on her kids and does not let them make mistakes on their own. Kody also often refers to his kids with Robyn as “theirs” whereas he refers to his kids with the others as “hers.” It’s quite clear who his favorite family is.

Do you think there is a reason why Dayton has not been on this season? Are Robyn and Kody Brown shielding him from the TLC cameras or is he off living his own life? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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