Robyn Brown Contradicts Herself In A Major Way

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Robyn Brown and her husband Kody have a knack for contradicting themselves time and time again. Sister Wives fans have had enough of it and started calling Robyn and Kody out for their nonsense. Most recently, fans took to Reddit to discuss how Robyn has repeatedly contradicted herself and her alleged values. See what they had to say about Robyn’s latest actions in the Tell-All.

Sister Wives: Love And Marriage

Sister Wives fans took to Reddit to discuss some of the more shocking moments of the most recent Tell-All to air. One Redditor took to the platform to specifically point out how Robyn contradicts herself. More importantly, how her ugly actions are a contradiction of what she says the plural marriage was all about.

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The OP opened up the conversation by stating, “On one of the earlier episodes of Sisterwives (I believe it was this season), Robyn said, ‘I learned a long time ago that talking about one of my Sisterwives harms my relationship with Kody because I was talking about someone he loved.'”

They go on to say that, while that’s a nice sentiment, it is obvious that isn’t how their relationship works. Not to mention, during the Tell-All, Robyn Brown has mocked and made fun of the other wives. The Redditor posed a question for other fans of the show, “how can I take you seriously that you’ve never talked bad about about a sisterwife to Kody?

More than that, it seems like the statements she made about the other wives gaining weight and getting stretch marks did not speak to her larger dream of growing old together. “Something doesn’t jive here,” the OP concluded.

Robyn Brown Loses Big Points With Fans

Not that she had many fans, to begin with, but her statements in the most recent Tell-All episode have earned Robyn Brown even more hate. Several people hopped onto the Reddit thread to discuss the comments she made.

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Referring to her statements about the other wives’ stretch marks and weight gain one person wrote, “She said it like kody went out of his way to be there for them after weight gain and stretch marks… like wtf how are people not losing their sh*t over this.”

On top of that, fans are saying that Robyn mocking the other wives contradicts what she said earlier in regards to talking about the other wives. While Robyn initially said that talking about the other women to Kody Brown hurt their relationship, it is hard to believe that never happened. As one person pointed out if she’s able to make fun of her sister wives weight gain and other things, imagine what was said behind closed doors.

What do you think of what Robyn Brown had to say about the other wives during the latest installment of the Tell-All? Let us know in the comments.

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