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Robyn Brown Finally Shows Petty True Colors In Tell-All 3

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Robyn Brown is finally showing her true petty colors in part three of the tell-all. The mother of five has consistently acted like the victim of the wives. How she always wants to make things better or right but it has just never worked out the way that she had wanted. Now, Robyn let her guard down and it was a totally different Robyn. Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown Finally Shows Petty True Colors In Tell-All 3

Kody’s fourth wife has spent all season claiming that her dreams have been taken from her. All that Robyn Brown wanted was this perfect plural family. However, Christine was the first to rob her of her dreams. Then, she tagged Janelle in there because she left Kody, as well and that officially broke the family up. Then, as part three of the Sister Wives tell-all went on, Robyn started to go from sad and “woe is me” to petty and feisty. What switched in her?

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She noted that she was able to work things out with her husband because she tried. If there was ever a problem, she communicated it with him. More so, Robyn Brown was the kind who made an effort. It was as if she implied that the other women did not and that she was the only truly committed one. Yet, she backtracks and says that Christine and Kody had these special moments that she was privy to. Unfortunately, Christine did not take care of it and it perished. On top of this, she called the wives out on their weight gain, stretch marks, and financial problems.

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Robyn also claimed the other wives were nagging at Kody, never making him feel appreciated. It was one of the first times when she put her dukes up and really went to bat for Kody on a tell-all. He had been so private about their romance, refused to speak on their relationship. Then, the floodgates opened up and Robyn let it all out. She has protected their marriage and everyone else put holes into the family. Essentially, she was watering the garden of polygamy and they were not.

Alone With Kody

When asked if Kody and Robyn Brown will take on more wives, Christine said she doubted it. Though an insider close to them felt they would, Kody’s ex-wife believed he was done with that life. He had been defeated so much in this past year and a half. There was really just no way he could go back to courting again. However, Robyn Brown has maintained that she wanted to live polygamy, hence why she chose the Browns. So, if he does not start looking soon, there could be an issue.

Were you surprised by how verbal and open Robyn Brown was? Were you expecting her to just sit and cry for every part of the tell-all? Let us know and watch the finale of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday, January 8th on TLC.

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