‘SW’ Fans Agree Robyn Brown Crossed Unforgivable Line

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

The latest Sister Wives Tell-All episode aired yesterday and fans aren’t happy about what Robyn Brown said about her former sister wives. They believe she crossed an unforgivable line. In part 3 of the Tell-All episode, Robyn has shown her true colors and even body-shamed Kody’s estranged wives. What did she speak about? Keep reading to find out the details!

Robyn Brown Glorifies Kody, Bashes Her Former Sister Wives

Robyn Brown revealed her point of view about several problems that surfaced in Season 17 in regard to Kody’s relationships. In her bizarre one-on-one conversation with the Tell-All host Sukanya Krishnan, she put Kody on a pedestal stating he wasn’t responsible for the demise of his relationships. After Janelle, Christine, and Meri separated from the Brown family patriarch, she feels they failed to take care of their relationships.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

While keeping a relationship together needs two people, Robyn claims Kody’s three wives didn’t put in the effort to save it. However, she failed to mention how Kody was equally responsible. Talking to the Tell-All host, Sukanya Krishnan, she said, “And what you see is the result of years of people neglecting their relationships. His wives have turned down his affection because it makes them feel awkward or unappealing. They don’t identify as that. I’m sorry, but your spouse shouldn’t be the one you reject. I don’t see how that’s going to improve your relationship.”

Sister Wives Fans Claim Robyn Brown Is A Bully

She even body-shamed her former sister wives, enraging TLC fans who feel she crossed the limit with this statement. The 44-year-old subtly pointed out that despite having stretch marks and gaining weight, Kody continued to have romantic relationships with each.

On Reddit, Sister Wives fans bashed the mother of five. The OP mentioned, “To even discuss the other wives’ bodies is being a f***ing bully and it was a conversation you shouldn’t have ever been involved in, but I’m certain you used that to your advantage and just HAD to regurgitate it with a mean spirit.”

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

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They even claimed that Robyn Brown should stick to her perfectly penned script and avoid the on-camera slip-up that shows her true colors.

“And she wonders why Christine doesn’t want a relationship with her… nothing like being body shamed on national television. On top of that I am flashing back to her screaming at Christine accusing her of lying,” added another.

Robyn Brown Accuses Christine Of Faking Love With Kody

This isn’t the first time that Robyn Brown has been hard-hearted towards her former sister wives either. Earlier this season, she bashed Christine Brown and accused her of faking her relationship with Kody Brown when they lived in Las Vegas. When Christine claimed that her marriage to Kody was struggling since they lived in Las Vegas, Robyn went into defensive mode. She asked surprisingly, “In Vegas? Ok, that’s a lie.”

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She claimed that Christine and Kody had a flourishing relationship and had fun dates. Now she feels Christine is lying or simply faking those lovely moments with Kody.

Do you think Robyn Brown crossed her boundaries by body shaming her former sister wives? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Allie Johnson


  1. I was shocked to hear her say that. She’s miss goody two shoes in front of the camera, but she tripped up and showed her true colors. Why does she deserve a nanny when the others didn’t? She is definitely the favored wife. It’s obvious. She and Kody are just upset that the tv gravy train may be ending. She came into the family and blew it up. Oh, and by the way, I’ve always found Kody to an icky narcissist!

  2. Christine has always been a bitch to all three sister wives you got what you signed up for a polygamist marriage and you act like you have a cheating husband you were a bad wife and sister wife love you meri but you did cheat and Janelle you have just gotten tired I get it but it’s not Robyn’s fault it’s each wife and kodys fault can’t blame a broken Marriage on jealousy and your sister wife I’m glad Robyn finally spoke up and spoke the truth it’s your fault take responsibility and stop blaming Robyn go back and watch from the beginning all episodes and maybe you will see your faults and jealousy

  3. I can’t believe that Robyn would get by with what she had to say in the tell-all. She should not even be allowed on the show. She calls the show a job and talks about how the wives wouldn’t protect the job. Me oh my. It is supposed to be a reality show, not a show where they have a script.
    Robyn showed herself that she is a mean person. She is a selfish person, She is a liar and fake. She only cares about herself and it is truly my opinion that the truth showed itself.
    Janelle and Meri input their profits from their houses in Las Vegas into Robyn’s house. They now don’t even own a house in Flagstaff but Robyn lives in a house worth over a million dollars. Robyn came into the family with heavy debt and they paid her debts. These other women have been in the family way longer and have contributed far more than Robyn and yet – Robyn has a hold on more money. What’s up with that?
    Now Kody is saying that Meri is no longer a wife. Ok then – where is Meri’s money? Cough it up – Give her the money she is due. I am going to refuse to watch a show where people are abused.

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