Christine Brown Has Been Exposed As A Liar & Deceived Fans?


Christine Brown made a considerable move prior to Season 16 of Sister Wives. She decided to end her twenty-plus-year marriage to Kody and leave her plural family. Many fans praised her bravery in getting out of an unhealthy situation. Yet now some viewers are rewatching the series and feel the third wife may have duped everyone.

Christine Brown Puts On A Happy Face

When the Brown family first put themselves out there in 2010, it was Kody, his three wives, and their plethora of children. Christine was his third wife and the primary homemaker. She picked up where the second wife, Janelle left off as she was the wife who was out working twelve-hour days. Christine took pride in keeping the home and raising the children as they all lived under one roof in Utah. It was actually Christine’s positive demeanor that attracted Kody to her when they first started dating. He admitted he was not physically attracted to her after watching her eat nachos. Yet she was a breath of fresh air and he loved that.


When he would talk about courting a fourth wife, Christine attempted to be positive but she was quite jealous. That was very understandable as Kody spent so much time with Robyn and her kids. Even Christine’s children noticed the favoritism, pointing it out on the show. By the time the family had made their third move in the series, Christine’s marriage was falling apart. They wanted different things out of the marriage but she still wanted intimacy. He was happy having romance-free relationships yet she demanded respect. Thus she packed up all of his stuff, put it in the garage, and eventually left Flagstaff for Utah. So what makes fans think that they have been deceived by the mother of six?

Deceptive Sister Wife?

A Reddit thread has been started over how fans feel they have been deceived by Christine Brown. They believe she was never happy from the beginning. Therefore her sudden reinvention does not mean as much as people make it out to be. “Christine always wanted to be the last wife, even if Kody had married a fourth wife only a few years after her, she still would have a problem with that wife,” one noted. Another added: “I’ve actually always hated Christine. From day 1 on the show she was whiny and insufferable. She never stopped complaining.”


Yet some Redditors outright disagreed and still have a lot of love for Christine. One person cited that the biggest lie was that there were ever any “good times” which could be true. Someone chimed in with this thought: “I don’t think Christine was lying, maybe lying to herself. She really tried to make it work and tried to convince herself that everything was great.” There is a lot to unpack with Christine and no one will ever know the absolute truth. She did seem to try but did Robyn hinder it all? That is for another day.

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