Kody Brown Says Only Robyn Was Loyal, Christine Fires Back

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Kody Brown is claiming the only loyal wife he had was Robyn. However, his ex-wife, Christine is taking strong exception to that. Upon hearing that Kody mentioned this, she was not happy at all. So, what was her response? Plus, what made him feel that his other three wives were disloyal? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Says Only Robyn Was Loyal, Christine Fires Back

In part two of the tell-all, Kody Brown refused to say which one of his wives was loyal to him. Now, in the final part, his tune seemed to have changed. While he was talking about all of his wives to host Sukanya Krishnan, he noted that none of his wives were truly loyal. The reason that Robyn received the “favorite” title, so to speak was that she showed her loyalty. Essentially, she proved herself. Kody claimed that Meri, Janelle, and Christine spent so much time talking poorly about Kody behind his back.

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However, Robyn did not engage in such behavior. She was not that kind of wife yet last week, Janelle wanted to remind Sukanya, and probably the viewers, that everyone has flaws. After hearing this talk by Kody, Christine could not believe it. She made it known that Janelle was probably one of the most loyal wives to Kody. Maybe things are different now since they are separated but for a very long time, she was always there for him. Almost to a fault which is probably why she got tired of being a punching bag, so to speak.

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There was also a lot of talk last week about Christine talking poorly about Janelle now the two are super close. This caused trust issues for Kody Brown, as well. He just wishes that the relationship that they have now they could have had back when they were sister wives. Unfortunately, it took time and experience for them to get to this point and it works fine for them.

Loyalty Gone?

While Christine and Janelle seem to have no allegiance to Kody Brown, his former first wife, Meri appears trapped in loyalty. Though she maintained that they had split, she still seems to be open to something. His wife since 1990 made a comment that sometimes people don’t want a certain person at that time. Yet, then they change their minds and things can change. It looks like she is hopeful that this will be the case with her and Kody Brown. However, he has made it clear on several occasions that there is nothing left between the two of them and she is free to find her person.

Do you think that Kody Brown was fair to say that only Robyn was loyal to him? Did you see other wives there for him in ways that he didn’t? Let us know and watch the final part of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday, January 8th on TLC.



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