Robyn Brown ‘Scared’ To Tell Kody What She Wants

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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is scared to tell Kody what she wants. Ahead of the final part of the tell-all, a short clip from the episode was shared that showed Robyn fearful of asking Kody for something. Now that the family is no longer polygamous and Robyn Brown is the only wife, one would think she can ask Kody for whatever she wants. So, what does she have to fear? Keep reading to find out the details!

Christine Brown Claims Kody Won’t Bring More Wives

As Season 17 comes to an end, it is confirmed that Kody Brown has separated from three of his wife except for Robyn. While fans speculate whether Kody Brown would bring in more wives to his family, others think that he might just stay with Robyn and avoid marrying anyone else. Even Christine Brown claimed that Kody won’t opt for any more wives.

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She stated, “I don’t think that they would go look for another wife after this. It’s also a lot of work, and if you already have this much failure behind you, would you really want that again? And if they’re just happy with each other – and I perceive them as being soul mates with each other, is there room for anyone else, really?”

Robyn Brown Is Scared Of Asking Kody To Restart

Moreover, Robyn also doubled down on the claims made by Christine. She confirmed that Kody has basically said no to expanding his family after failing with three of his wives. When the host Sukanya Krishnan asked if Robyn would ever suggest Kody try to restart his family with more wives, she revealed she might. However, she also noted, “I can….but I’m scared of it because of how badly this has gone.”

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

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Robyn Brown has always maintained that she only wanted a plural marriage with Kody. Moreover, she rejected monogamy to be with him. She even revealed that many wanted to date her but she didn’t want to be in a monogamous relationship. In the Instagram clip, Robyn Brown said, “If I wanted to live monogamy, I could have. I mean it’s not like I had no other choices. I could have had a very happy, successful relationship with some other men. It’s just the truth. I’m sorry! I hate saying it because it sounds like I’m, like, bragging or something. But I’m not. It’s just, this is the truth.”

Does Robyn Brown Want Polygamy To Feel Superior?

However, Sister Wives fans feel that Robyn only wanted polygamy to be the best among them. She wanted to rule over them and make their lives miserable. They even dubbed Kody and Robyn narcissists for trying to act high and mighty while treating Meri, Janelle, and Christine poorly.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

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Do you think Robyn Brown will push Kody to bring more wives into their relationship? Let us know and watch the final part of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday, January 8th on TLC.

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